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Don't be afraid of the dark

Scalia reportedly linked judicial activism to the Holocaust

San Diego county clerk asks court to halt same-sex marriages

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Leaked report shows high civilian death toll from CIA drone strikes

Duchess of Cambridge is in labor

On "The Newsroom," ladies learn about voicemail, write "Sex and the City" blogs

GOP base shifts even farther to the right

Upward mobility is a lot easier in some cities

Crazy traitor leaker got Congress to notice vast surveillance state

First tourists arrested under Russia's ban on "gay propaganda"

Rapper J. Cole apologizes for offensive autism lyric

"Death panels" bill returns

Cuomo: Weiner and Spitzer are just "political theater"

Must-see morning clip: America's bomb-sniffing dogs

Dubai pardons woman sentenced to 16 months in prison for reporting her rape

Royal Baby countdown enters final hours

Some questions for Tom Friedman on the sharing economy

GOP insurrection heats up over surveillance

Rand Paul's white supremacy double game

The media's agonizing royal baby watch

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Patrick Stewart tweets best photo of Ian McKellen ever

5 worst cities in America for class mobility

Ohio gun group: We'll buy George Zimmerman a new gun

Mr. President: Don't forget the working class

Mealtime routines and rituals improve flavor

Judge blocks North Dakota's extreme six-week abortion ban

Secrets of the right: Selling garbage to your fans

Report: George Zimmerman pulls victim from crash

"Law and Order" actor Dennis Farina dies at 69

David Cameron introduces default filter to block access to Internet porn

Tavis Smiley gets President Obama all wrong

Income inequality ruined Detroit

The most amazing computer ever

Study: Ugly people bullied at work

It's a boy!