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Eileen Brennan dead at 80

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Cops don't need warrants to track your phone location

Progressives to target GOP town halls

Salad mix to blame for stomach bug outbreak

Research institute receives $1.35 million to examine transgender service in U.S. military

Sliming Hillary through Huma

Rosie the Riveter's factory gets 2-month reprieve

San Diego City Council sues Bob Filner

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New Snowden leak: NSA program collects all online activity

WikiLeaks documentary maker to direct Bradley Manning film

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"The Spectacular Now": A potent, painful teen romance

Fast food strikes build in Michigan, Chicago

McCain: Fox News is "a bit schizophrenic"

Family planning services saved the U.S. $10.5 billion, prevented 760,000 abortions in 2010

Republicans keep squabbling over Obamacare

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Glenn Greenwald to Jeffrey Toobin: You're "calling for the end of investigative journalism"

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