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Figures on government spending and debt

Bravo's first scripted series knocks it out of the park: “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce” is like a more grounded "Sex and the City"

Anne Lamott: "Look at the Tea Party: Some of the angriest, most hateful people on earth, and they’re backed by what they think is Scripture"

"Wild": Reese Witherspoon sends mixed messages in a gorgeous liberation fable

Attorneys: Condemned killer in Texas is delusional

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Bill Clinton's big fear: Elizabeth Warren 2016

Thomas Jefferson vs. the Bible: What America's founding father really thought about religion

Bill Cosby slammed with new lawsuit for alleged sexual assault of 15-year-old girl

Bill O'Reilly had a psychotherapist diagnose "sadistic" atheists

"We can't even admit we have a problem!": Jon Stewart and Larry Wilmore discuss racism in America

"Complex, convoluted": Dem senator unloads on Obamacare, says single payer far better

Barbra Streisand strikes back at climate-denying senator

Even my alma mater doesn't love Cosby anymore

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Likely nominee for defense secretary looks like a hawk

Bill Cosby thanks defenders Whoopi Goldberg and Jill Scott on Twitter

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We are all seriously sleep deprived

World Health Organization: Stop performing "virginity tests" on rape victims

Court halts execution of mentally ill Texas man

Jeb Bush vows not to pander, as Jeb Bush panders to collection of CEOs

Vast majority of Americans believe in climate change according to poll

New poll of Latinos brings good news for Hillary Clinton

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