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Oldest human fossil found in Ethiopia, predating others by 400,000 years

8 horrifying revelations in the Justice Department's Ferguson report

Fox News analyst: Obama and Democrats "acted like snitty, bitchy high school girls" in response to Netanyahu speech

That controversial Bill Clinton portrait was thrown in storage (but not for the reasons you'd think)

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“American Crime”: Oscar winner John Ridley's new prestige drama clinches ABC's spot as America’s best network

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The case against private education: Why we put our kids in public school

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Coach's adopted toddler builds a life with hoops team

5 reasons conservatives wouldn't actually want Netanyahu to be our president

Leader of Amish splinter sect re-sentenced for hate crime conviction

Silicon Valley's low-wage mess: How Apple was forced to revamp its subcontracting scheme

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Right-wing judges' absurd power: How Obamacare's fate will really be decided

Facebook exec, NBA team up to get men to 'lean in' for women

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Here's the "Game of Thrones" parody of Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" you didn't know you needed

Ben Carson apologizes for remarks on prisons and homosexuality, still isn't a fan of the whole "equality" thing

Patricia Arquette: "I don’t think people really understood what I meant" about wage equality

Netanyahu fails to score big polling bounce following congressional speech

"Wrong email address-ghazi": Jon Stewart weighs in on Hillary Clinton's email scandal

"We lose our way": Rachel Maddow slams Fox News' handling of Bill O'Reilly scandal

Conan O'Brien is trying to thaw Cuban relations by creeping out all the locals

Marriott executive Kathleen Matthews, wife of "Hardball" host Chris, planning to run for Congress

Two geniuses are opening a museum dedicated to the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan scandal in a Brooklyn walk-up

Megyn Kelly loses cool over DOJ report: "Hands up, don't shoot did not happen!"

Can Diablo Cody make a live-action "Barbie" movie cool? Maybe if Taylor Swift stars

Emma Watson to host live Q&A for International Women's Day

Court rules Applebee's not responsible for burns customer received from praying over sizzling fajita skillet

Delta flight 1068 slides off runway and crashes through fence

Christie’s oily Exxon Deal: “The smell was terrible, but the stench this deal gives off is worse”

America's war fever is rising: How fear & bloodlust are bringing Americans together

Ringling Bros. to phase out elephant acts by 2018

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