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That gallon of gas is actually costing you $6.25

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Update: Reports now say Harrison Ford in stable, "fair to moderate" condition after crashing his plane

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"Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" is still rough around the edges

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Employers added 295,000 jobs last month, beating expectations

"Chappie": Meet the buzzkill robo-dork who might poison the "Alien" sequel

Adam Sandler will never forget his "SNL" dinners with Chris Farley

Bill O'Reilly subtly responds to criticism by bragging about own ratings

"F**k these people!": "The Daily Show" dives into the DOJ's Ferguson report

"Why is it so hard to see black and blue?": Salvation Army turns #TheDress into a powerful anti-domestic violence message

McDonald's (and everyone else), listen up: Stop asking artists to perform for free

"I shouldn't have to feel bad about being white": N.J. deli owner serves racism with sandwiches, calls for White History Month

Washington Post editorial board offers embarrassingly idiotic defense of Rahm Emanuel

Joe Biden on climate deniers: "It's almost like denying gravity"

Harper Lee to a pesky journalist: "Go away!"

"I felt that I had betrayed black America": Cosby accuser speaks out on letting race trump rape

"We were just reporting the good news of de-evolution": The beautiful origins of Devo

Fox News commentator: Muslim school holidays discriminate against Christians

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Scientists to Obama: Stop choosing Big Oil over whales!

See the "50 Shades" costume that sent an 11-year-old boy home from school

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Legendary documentarian Albert Maysles has passed away at 88

In a historic first, NASA spacecraft orbits dwarf planet Ceres

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