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American Apparel now airbrushing nipples and pubic hair off models

Devastating report finds humans killed almost 3 million whales last century

Republicans' private terror: Why they despise the modern American state -- and embrace fanaticism

"Bitchy gays" are the least of Aaron Schock's problems

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Invasive pythons are decimating the Everglades' rabbit population

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Porn stars, an orgy, and S&M: What we know about sex in "True Detective" season 2

What went viral 5 years ago today: Lipgloss that changed colors when you were horny

"Glee": Drained of joy but determined to hang on, the unlikely hit that made "Empire" possible belts its final tune

"Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter": A darkly hypnotic voyage into "Fargo"-fueled madness

America's immoral exceptionalism: The lie we keep telling ourselves about foreign policy and democracy

Community Discussion: How can we advocate for women farmers?

10 Things to Know for Friday

Dogs listen better when they're loved

5 horrific things frats have done just this week

Officials urge meningitis shots at University of Oregon

New York's trendiest restaurant is serving you garbage (and it's awesome)

Steve Scalise is a disaster: A breakdown of GOP whip's legislative shambles

Racism's sinister word games: What a white-supremacist talking point tells us about modern politics

"It gets really disgusting": Dave Zirin unloads on Roger Goodell, concussions & NFL's demented culture

"I’m glad that he won": The surprising Palestinian reaction to Netanyahu's win

"You should be very, very angry": Paul Krugman torches GOP's new budgets

"It was easy to forget ‘that woman’ had a soul": Monica Lewinsky gives powerful TED talk on cyberbullying

10 Things to Know for Today

FBI investigating death of black man found hanging from a tree in Mississippi

"Hands up is the ultimate truth": CNN guest perfectly explains logic behind the Ferguson rallying cry

Louie Gohmert: "It's time to bomb Iran"

Mitch McConnell's dangerous new climate extremism: "A travesty of responsible leadership"

Monica Lewinsky is right about public shaming

Horatio Sanz's brutal "SNL" takedown: The show has too much "conservative bullsh*t" — and might have helped George W. Bush win the presidency

John Stamos will pose for selfies after sex

Judge in Robert Durst's Texas murder case says he left a severed cat’s head on her doorstep

Feds open probe into outgoing Rep. Aaron Schock: report

CNN made a political spoof of "Too Many Cooks" and it is incredible

"Go ahead and call me a whore”: Lena Dunham’s fabulous, feminist appearance on "Scandal"

"Who are they gonna get, Cornel West?" Larry Wilmore mocks Starbucks' dopey anti-racism campaign

Sorry, "hypoallergenic" isn't really a thing

Jon Stewart slams Fox News over Ferguson hypocrisy: "Entirely unaccountable for their anger and divisiveness"

GOP's Netanyahu problem: Will it stop pretending to support a two-state solution, too?

GOP can't quit the Christian right: Why it's still the party of religious fundamentalists

The global meat industry's antibiotic abuse is about to get a lot worse

Can you tell a priceless work of art from an IKEA print? These art lovers couldn't

"Lincoln was a n***er-lover": Middle school teacher accused of horrific classroom tirades

Adult film star Stoya says porn industry is "pretty feminist" compared to Hollywood

"Enormous harm being done": Congress punts on trafficking the same day two men are arrested on trafficking charges

Meet the "inequality" posers: What's really behind GOP talk on wages

"Man up and apologize": Stephen King sets Maine's Tea Party governor straight

Laura Ingraham's vile "skinhead" analogy: Saying the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic is just like being a neo-Nazi

"That’s not racist, you idiot": Jay Leno slams college kids for being too "politically correct"

McConnell's anti-EPA plan: Convince Republicans to welcome big-government climate regulation

Tea Party's absurd advantage: Why America's budget talk is so messed up

Ben Carson's "fresh" foreign policy: Just "sort of slip" Palestinians down to Egypt

"Gay-friendly" Jeb Bush: "People have a right" to refuse services to gays

It's not unpatriotic to say the Pledge in Arabic

M.I.A on her controlling ex Diplo: He "smashed my hotel room and broke all the furniture"

Steve King wonders how American Jews can be Democrats