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A new “Better Call Saul” trailer hints at Jimmy’s "Breaking Bad" evolution

Starbucks doesn’t hate Jesus: The malignant narcissism of the new "war on Christmas" crusaders gets the backlash it deserves

"PC" is another right-wing lie: Missouri proves reactionary forces really are waging war against college kids

Sotomayor shreds conservative SCOTUS justices for justifying "deadly force for no discernible gain"

Ben Carson is about to crack: He thinks his biography is the Bible -- immune to fact-checking

Lost keys, forgotten names, unretrievable words: 7 ways to explain those senior moments

"Shame and despair turn out to be her superpower": New ballet drama "Flesh and Bone" digs deep into incest, shame and the body in the elite dance world

Brad Pitt's first time: Before Angelina Jolie and "By the Sea," Pitt had never been directed by a woman — and these top actors still haven't

The ivory tower doesn't exist: Mizzou’s boycott victory can’t be dismissed as just another "campus p.c. culture” controversy

Homeopathy is pure quackery: People prefer alternatives, even if those alternatives are useless

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Henry Kissinger's genocidal legacy: Vietnam, Cambodia and the birth of American militarism

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Donald Trump joins the War on Christmas brigade: "If I become president, we're all going to be saying Merry Christmas again"

Passion Pit's Michael Angelakos comes out on Bret Easton Ellis' podcast: “I am saying something that I’ve never said before publicly”

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Tom Cotton blames Social Security for "heroin and meth addiction" because reasons

Clip-in man bun panic: What our "fresh hell" freakout over a hairstyle is really about

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