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Rafael Cruz's embellished biography comes under new scrutiny as his son Ted rises in the polls

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"Occupation is root cause of violence": Jewish-Americans protest at Israel's Western Wall, call for boycott

Report: Fox News insiders say Bill O'Reilly vs. George Will feud is part of Roger Ailes' "Game of Thrones"-style plot

If you drink every time the GOP candidates mention HRC you will be drunk by the end of tonight's debate

Ben Carson's oddball appeal: "The right has not traditionally wanted black conservatives who are all over the map"

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Noam Chomsky: A Republican president means doom

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Reese Witherspoon is right: We have to keep pushing for pay equality in Hollywood and beyond

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GOP voters want an apocalypse: The truth about Trump & Carson's success

"We're just regular people": Against all odds, New Yorkers claim 3 -- well, 2.5 -- big political victories

Ronald Reagan's hollow sales pitch: In “Fargo’s" fading American dream, 1979 feels more relevant than ever

Bring on the outrage: Go ahead and hate on "coddled" college kids — just admit that anti-p.c. backlash is fueled by outrage, too

Yale students aren't radical enough: Political correctness, millennials and the new politics of growing up

Socialism is suddenly hot! The unions show signs of life! Is "class consciousness" coming to America at last?

Fact-checking the debate: Sorry, Republicans, but welfare spending is not tanking our economy

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The deadly pesticide on your strawberries: How the EPA left us all exposed

Where has this Rand Paul been? Why he was the GOP debate's surprising winner

Marco Rubio coasts, with a big assist from the moderators: He "won" the GOP debate by evading scrutiny

"Maybe people would start paying attention if Megyn Kelly hopped on the hood of a Hybrid": Bill Nye and Larry Wilmore panel debate GOP science's hate

Trevor Noah's epic Bush family smackdown: "In the Bush Family you weren't considered a man until you'd invaded Iraq or lost your virginity"

"The horror makes the thrill": Why the New York Times' "beautiful" war images of death and destruction won't change many minds

I'm a black Yale grad, and its racial firestorm doesn't surprise me: Now it's time for the administration to act

Poor, sad, pathetic Jeb Bush: Why last night's debate cemented his fall from grace

We're repeating Bush's failure: An Iraq veteran despairs over our deepening climate-change denial

They're mad for a reason: Campus activists are yelling because too many of us still won't listen

Fox moderators challenge nothing: A carnival show for flat-tax barkers, voodoo economics and magical thinking

Elizabeth Warren fights back against her "commie dictator" portrayal in new GOP debate attack ad

Veterans hope MDMA can cure their PTSD: "It's hard to talk about because it’s the elephant in the room"

The tedious Republican debate cycle: Rand Paul speaks! Trump gets booed! GOP 2016 already feels like a reality show that's past its prime

Who's really demanding to be coddled on campus? Yale students aren't the spoiled brats for refusing to be racially trolled on Halloween

More bizarro Ben Carson stories emerge: New World Order paranoia and a personalized portrait of Jesus

White Missouri professor shames black students for heeding violent threats: "If you give into bullies, they win"

Stephen Colbert's Baby Hitler brilliance: "I wouldn’t let him join anything where they have to wear a uniform—no Cub Scouts, no Little League, definitely no marching band"

"Welp, that was grim and pointless": Patton Oswalt makes the GOP debate almost bearable

The GOP's raging id won't ever go away: Why last night's debate only solidified Republican-primary extremism

The GOP is living in a fantasy world: Every single Republican's economic plan is made of wishes and fairy dust

South Carolina officer who killed Walter Scott sues police union for "failing to defend him"