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“I did it for ISIS”: TV producer says shooter called him during Orlando massacre

Orlando shooter said attack was revenge for U.S. bombing of Afghanistan, survivor recalls

Kids coping with trauma around them: UNICEF's #EmergencyLessons campaign says close friendships are key

Trump tweets Breitbart article to prove President Obama is an ISIS sympathizer

Strangers on a train: “Diverse group” of bystanders stop ranting racist from harassing Muslim women on New York City train

WATCH: Utah's GOP Lt. governor tearfully apologizes to LGBTQ community, admits "my heart has changed" following Orlando attack

Surprise, surprise: Sen. John Cornyn is using Orlando to call for increased warrantless FBI surveillance

Beatlemania and the Bangles: Susanna Hoffs explains how "our obsession with the Beatles" brought the iconic '80s group together

Appetite for destruction: Glorifying gun violence on screen despite the sobering reality

California Democrats win safety net gains in state budget

Kansas lawmakers to debate schools, lessening court's power

The right's favorite conspiracy theory: Donald Trump isn't the first Republican to link Obama to terrorists

Donald Trump isn't fooling women: They see right through him, even if the media can't

It's time for Democrats to unify: Why even the most idealistic Sanders voter should support Clinton

The conspiracy candidate: Donald Trump continues to support Alex Jones insane smears of Obama

CIA’s new torture documents: Fresh details of the horrors of “enhanced interrogation techniques”

The Republicans' November fantasy: A glance at the GOP's swing state strategy ought to delight Democrats everywhere

Beyond Trump's threat: The GOP, with help from the left, has been destroying democracy for decades

The new education reform lie: Denver is a cautionary tale, not a model, for urban school districts

Bowing down to Trump: Is there even an iota of courage in the GOP hierarchy?

Sticking to their guns: Mass shootings in the U.S. mean mass profits for the firearm industry, with the GOP as an accomplice

WATCH: Howard Kurtz blames the media's "negative" portrayal of Trump for his rising unfavorability ratings

WATCH: John Kasich attacks Joe Scarborough for creating Trump: The media has "let us down" because "you couldn't get enough of it"

WATCH: Bill O'Reilly and Dennis Miller attack Samantha Bee for mocking the efficacy of prayer after Orlando massacre

WATCH: Larry Wilmore explains why Barack Obama has been right all along about terrorism

Donald Trump on being banned from Seth Meyers' “Late Night”: “I only like doing shows with good ratings”

Howard Stern: "Sheep" need to be heavily armed to protect themselves against terrorist "wolves"

We always blame the woman: Don't rush to judge Omar Mateen's wife

Bill O'Reilly mocks South Carolina congressman for pushing gun control ahead of Charleston anniversary: "I just want to slap him"

Epic downfall: Trump is slowly losing the GOP, but the GOP has already lost the country

A round of applause for Chris Murphy: The Connecticut senator brilliantly filibusters to end Republican obstructionism on gun control

"We don't want another Democrat in the White House": Paul Ryan defends his endorsement of Trump in wake of Orlando shooting

5 things we learned from the Led Zeppelin "Stairway to Heaven" trial, day 2

Trent Reznor is angry, and he's not alone: Can musicians win against YouTube and "free, stolen content?"

"He can shed his blood on the battlefield, but yet he can't donate blood to save lives.": Artist fights FDA ban on blood donations from gay men in a very unique way

The ambitious Mr. Rubio: Suddenly, the Florida senator is contemplating reelection

Mike Huckabee says "radical Islam is a threat to all civilization" in hypocritical speech at Israel conference

The Southern Baptist Convention strikes a blow against racism, but still reaffirms anti-LGBT bigotry

America's injustice system: 5 California felons who wished they had the same judge as Brock Turner

The UN's damning report on Israel and torture: The desperate case of Palestinian youth in the occupied territory

Prince William's bold, beautiful stand against homophobia is a royal breakthrough

Israel fulfills "Biblical prophecy," Mike Huckabee says in extreme speech at Herzliya Conference

Kim Kardashian: Taylor Swift "totally gave the okay" to Kanye's "Famous"

Left-wing lawmaker shot dead by nationalist shouting "Britain first!", as far-right is on rise in Europe