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That's not how racism works: Newscaster fired for racist remarks claims she's the victim of racism

Once labeled invasive, 'rock snot' algae now deemed native

Don’t get used to it: Queer literature in a time of triumph

Spielberg's "The BFG" is a return to family-friendly form — and to a less-cynical movie time

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"Brexit" is British for Trump: Why the U.K.'s anti-Europe surge should scare us

Noam Chomsky: America is only a democracy for the 1 percent

The Southwest is burning: Wildfires rage amidst record-breaking heat wave

Evangelicals believe in Trump: Their devotion to a bigoted bully actually makes perfect sense

The end of the United Kingdom: What Brexit means for the future of Britain

Hope for those in debt: Can a non-profit help put predatory payday lenders out of business?

Donald Trump is no LGBT ally: He shouldn't be the only voice criticizing Islamic intolerance

The press has not done its job: 3 ways the media has failed our democracy in covering the election

20 Congress members send Obama letter requesting protection of Palestinian children from Israeli abuses

Digging in the imaginary dirt: Trump's speech devised to destroy Hillary today is based on a book of lies

WATCH: Bill O'Reilly pathetically tries to convince himself this will be close presidential election

WATCH: Reverend Franklin Graham tells Fox News "I have no faith in the GOP -- the only hope for this country is God"

Seth Meyers breaks down how ridiculously easy it is to buy a gun online: "You don't even have to fill out a Captcha"

Stephen Colbert can't hide his disgust: "I thought the government might do its job and pass any kind of gun control"

WATCH: Fox News puts women in their place -- as 1960's arm candy to help their husbands win the White House

You keep using that word: Congressman fails to block so-called "racist" and "sexist" Harriet Tubman $20

This Weekend! The Unconventional Political Convention

No, Syrian refugees didn't rape a child in Idaho: Right-wing urban legend shows how ugly anti-refugee movement has become

Donald Trump lays out plans for his first 100 days in fact-challenged speech: "We are going to make America rich again"

Gee, thanks GOP! The Senate (again) rejected gun reform, but at least they honored bison

Nick Denton isn't sorry: New interview reveals more about Gawker founder's ethics

Backing BDS: Another Pulitzer winner comes out for Palestinian rights

Trump-inspired Tennessee candidate for Congress erects "Make America White Again" billboard, draws boycott

Rejoice, feminists! A big brand promises less sexist advertising!

UPDATED: "We will occupy this floor": House Dems stage sit-in to call for gun vote

Yes, you should be worried about Brexit: What Britain's departure from the EU would mean for America

"Donald Trump is a walking email forward": Twitter reax, on the right and left, to his attack speech on Hillary

Fact-checking Trump's garbage truck of lies: His speech accusing Clinton of corruption is riddled with fiction and conspiracies

"We are at war here": David Byrne pens passionate call for gun control