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BULLSH**TER OF THE DAY: Kris Kobach, for hopping aboard the bogus "illegal voter" bandwagon

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Childish Gambino's “Awaken My Love”: What happens when a rapper releases an album containing no rap at all

Shepard Fairey on street art: "It has the ability to reach people who are not a captive audience"

The future, Trumpified: Syfy's dystopian drama "Incorporated" feels too close to reality for comfort

EPA plans to keep strict gas mileage standards in place

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Digital duds: Your smartphone is ruining your love life

Donald Trump's swamp of war: What does he know that career military officers don't?

Reply hazy, try again: Donald Trump unlikely to create 208,000 jobs a month for 10 years

Fidel Castro's Cuba was accused of numerous human rights abuses — while the crimes of U.S. allies are barely mentioned

Donald Trump's poisoned planet: The Bush-era EPA set back climate-change progress by decades — this could be worse

Hey libertarians: Do you want more freedom and less government? You can't have both

The future of computer chips is bright: Electrons are fast, but light moves faster

Reddit cracks down on 'most toxic users' of pro-Donald Trump forum

Breitbart calls for a boycott of Kellogg's because they don't want to advertise cereal on a platform for white nationalists

Calling Jeff Sessions "racist" conveniently ignores the work he's done for Alabama's black community

Donald Trump's scariest pick so far? Right-wing fruitcake Michael Flynn as national security adviser

Hedge fund managers admit it: They're delighted that Donald Trump "conned America"

Donald Trump's Carrier deal is an empty PR stunt — and a bad precedent that incentivizes bad corporate behavior

Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee mock Mitt Romney for "eating crow" at $1,000 dinner with Donald Trump

Post-Brexit, George Mitchell worries about collapse of Northern Ireland peace agreement

Bernie Sanders denounces Trump's Carrier deal for "endangering the jobs of workers who were previously safe"

Hands off my health care: Only 1 in 4 want Donald Trump to repeal Obamacare law

Jason Chaffetz, House Republicans really want to keep investigating Hillary Clinton

Mike Pence's Washington neighbors fly gay pride flags in protest

Kanye West checks out of the hospital after a week spent dealing with exhaustion

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Dreamers get an ally: Lindsey Graham wants to protect children of undocumented immigrants

Reminder: Donald Trump supported flag burning back in 2015

Rep. Xavier Becerra nominated for California attorney general