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Report: Despite denials, the U.S. Military blew up a mosque in Syria killing 38 people

"Mary Kills People": An agile drama about the risky business of delivering a good death

Lost in translation

Idaho sets example: Tiny facility lights the way for stressed rural hospitals

Feeling sleepy? You might be at risk of falsely confessing to a crime you did not commit

“Drew! Barry! More Power!”: The 10 best penguin movies ever made

Everyone can sing: Obsessing over talent might hurt your kids later in life

Stealth sisterhood: I look white, but I'm also black. And I don't hate Rachel Dolezal

Can Marijuana Help Crack Addicts Break Free Of Addiction?

Unraveling Obama’s climate legacy may not be as easy as Trump thinks

WATCH: 5 reasons why Donald Trump is a terrible ambassador for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

6 times Donald Trump goofed up the simple stuff

Oh, honey! There’s a fetish where people want to have bee sex

Recalculating! By not driving the optimal route, you’re causing traffic jams

Bernie's brilliance: Sen. Sanders sums up Republicans' entire economic model in one word

Breitbart is not independent: It's the communications arm of the Mercers' empire

Want to know what sea level rise will do to the environment? There's an app for that

An apolitical profession wakes up: Trauma surgeons speak out about gun violence

Donald Trump literally knows nothing: The moronic fiction of his "really, really good" health care plan is now obvious

Young people want radical change: This survey blows the lid off right-wing and corporate economic propaganda

Sean Hannity is the latest Fox News bigwig to be accused of possible sexual impropriety

Donald Trump's Associated Press interview: 10 things we learned (but may have already known)

A future of shrinking jobs: Most workers today are underpaid, and it gets worse

The myth of the college dropout: College dropouts who rule the world are rare exceptions, not the rule

Think about it: Bill O'Reilly, Tomi Lahren and Alex Jones' losses are big wins for the honest media

Trump and the media: Beneath the surface hostility, a deep and dangerous symbiosis

Donald Trump's 100 day plan: Lots of executive orders to make it seem like he's doing something

"Feud: Bette and Joan" fades out: Old Hollywood may have been no match for the modern woman

John Oliver blasts Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump's White House roles: "The apple does not fall far from the orange"

Donald Trump won't fire Sean Spicer because he "gets great ratings"

Art of the deal: Angela Merkel had to repeatedly tutor Donald Trump about the European Union

Chicago muralist claimed black woman's stunning Michelle Obama image as his own

Anti-Semitism on the rise: Incidents have increased since the 2016 presidential election

The Senate's investigation into Trump's Russia ties is staffed by only 7 people, part-time

What can prevent Donald Trump from packing the judiciary?

Cashing in on Trump's first 100 days: Former top campaign aides rake in millions as new lobbyists

LGBT families under attack: Alabama law would make it legal to stop same-sex couples from adopting

Seeing green in red-state America: Donald Trump's sons want his supporters to stay in his hotels

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Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity face uncertain futures with iHeartMedia

French politicians rally around Macron against Marine Le Pen: "It's deadly serious now"

"He is a hostage of the Jews": Trump angers his alt-right fans with Holocaust Remembrance statement

"ISIS has won": GOP candidates in Virginia and South Carolina enraged by Louisiana's removal of Confederate monument