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Why Democrats still suck

Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta are releasing a Christmas album

Today's news in pictures

Aided by Yes Men, activists strike at Shell

A kids club where parents die

Hackers moving from "disruption" to "destruction"

Thirteen and locked up for life?

Asteroid mining start-up seeks interns

Dumb tweet of the day: That's the plan!

Quote of the day

GOP voter laws getting walloped by the courts

"Beasts of the Southern Wild" wasn't shafted by SAG

Racist rock fans rejoice

Vacation from hell

"Workaholism" is real

Jonah Goldberg has nothing to say about climate change

Will marriage make me happy?

"Will & Grace" changed nothing

I could still screw up my life

Right-wing racial panic

"V/H/S": Is a horror renaissance on the way?

Salon limerick contest

And if Romney loses the debate...

Suicibe bombs in Syria kill 31

Torture grows in popularity

Colorado's fracking fight gets ugly

Tyler Perry donates van to woman with cerebral palsy

Baby bust continues: US births down for 4th year

Must-see morning clip

Obama looks for a "bud bump" as Colorado weighs pot legalization

Nicki Minaj goes ballistic on Mariah Carey

What the moderator should ask tonight

What would Bill Clinton do?

Hannity and Carlson freak out over Drudge video

Eight best time-travel flicks

Akin: Doctors give abortions to non-pregnant women

The GOP: Lovers of loopy poll conspiracies

Finally: The Paul Ryan Bad Lip Reading

One in four New York prisoners put in solitary

Going abroad for Obamacare

Is an anchorwoman's weight our business?

This clip of Ann Coulter will make you cringe

Buy a new car, vote for Obama

Is "Modern Family" really that good?

Listen to Steve Jobs predict the future from 1983

College graduates are in for a rude awakening

I'll always hate the Yankees

Eugenides on Denis Johnson: "Blistering, brilliant"

GOP's absentee candidate

States cut dental care for the poor

What the hell happened to Jay McInerney?

Fan sites for Bieber allegedly violated children's online privacy law

Marissa Mayer can work if she wants

Walking in a fecal wonderland

Activists go where US drones strike