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I miss playing music

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"Fifty Shades of Grey" drives record profits for Random House

Oral arguments begin in Prop 8 Supreme Court case

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Cruz, Paul threaten gun control filibuster

"Place Beyond the Pines" director on movie violence: "I don’t think it’s beautiful. I don’t think it’s art. I don’t think it’s cool"

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Prostitution scandal has still not gotten David Vitter down

George W. Bush is the most expensive ex-president

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"The Voice" keeps rolling right along

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A crowd-funding role model dies

Your vacation is unethical

My country has no future

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Conservatives and software companies will keep tax season miserable

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Body-shaming sex products

Body-shaming sex products

North Dakota governor makes 6-week abortion ban official

Wild horses gallop into Grand Central

Canada's healthcare system is dysfunctional, too

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