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Woman allegedly attacked roommate for listening to the Eagles

Aaron Alexis reportedly had been hearing voices

Scientists redefine "clean" energy by generating electricity from sewage

With eyes on Syria, Israel closed the case on a protestor's death

Stephen Hawking supports right to die for terminally ill

Dudebros are ruining the tech industry

Census bureau: Women earn $11,500 less than men annually

Ken Cuccinelli supporter tells Jewish joke at rally

James Franco is the worst thing to happen to "The Mindy Project"

Study: Most sex is really terrible exercise

Ricky Gervais' "Derek:" All binge, not enough cringe

Researching the effects of a hybrid bus fleet

Playboy promotes consent (psych!)

Yellen seen as likely Fed nominee after Summers exit

The sharing economy muscles up

Study: Aging population could reverse cancer death declines

FLOTUS wants you to drink more water

Cutbacks to the stimulus hang over Fed meeting

MIT researchers unveil a smarter way to 3-D print

Flooded Colorado's worries turn to chemical contamination and disease

Junot Díaz: "Orson Scott Card is a cretinous fool"

My boyfriend has a secret son

Help, we're drowning!: Please pay attention to our disaster

"Thanks for Sharing": Sex addicts of the world, unite!

Discover Great Films For Free

"I scared the crap out of them!": Alan Grayson details how to work with the GOP

Is "Dads" creator Seth MacFarlane the most offensive man in show business?

Diane Ravitch: Testing and vouchers hurt our schools. Here's what works

Republicans ramp up war on poor people

A turf war between Coke and Pepsi shows that neither is the "good" company

Greenpeace activists arrested on Russian Arctic oil rig

The assassination of an atheist

5 ways to stop food companies from profiting off a devastating ingredient

Tokyo 2020 could be hottest Olympics in over a century

Must-see morning clip: "The Daily Show" parodies CNN's terrible breaking news coverage

Yes, scientists are "uncertain." But the risks of climate change are real

Stephen Colbert spoofs Cheerios ad

Colorado flooding: Yes, it's climate change

Sex shocker! Men and women aren't that different

GOP deludes itself on shutdown threat

Finally! Alabama ends segregated sororities after public shaming

Indian farmers fight elephants with chili peppers

Industry puppets spew obscene lies while people drown

LinkedIn unfriends the NSA

"Republican" Mindy Kaling brings gun-rights humor to her show

Happy birthday, Occupy!

In wake of shooting, Rick Perry woos gun manufacturer

How to make the economy work for us

Erick Erickson thinks the GOP is a bunch of somethings!

Janet Yellen at Fed would help workers

Brain-eating amoeba in Louisiana's tap water could be linked to Katrina

Ted Cruz: The dumbest "genius" ever!

Harry Reid: Senate needs to stop fighting Obamacare and start facing climate change

France votes to ban child beauty pageants

Who wrote a worse column today, Maureen Dowd or Thomas Friedman?

Porn watching affects female views of women

"Enough Said": James Gandolfini's bittersweet last act

You've probably eaten roadkill

Facebook apologizes after dead, bullied teen's picture appears in dating ad

Psychiatry and mental illness: Has science gone too far?

Why long iOS 7 download times are another Apple triumph