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Must-see morning clip: "Daily Show" labels Joe Biden "the Seinfeld of vice presidents"

Stephen Colbert disapproves of Ebola drug ZMapp because it won't get you high

Kenan Thompson catches up with Bill Hader in new "SNL" promos

"The Daily Show" uncovers a disturbing truth about police shootings

Jennifer Lawrence's Wikipedia page was edited to include stolen nude photos, because that is the world in which we live

Pharrell, Elton John, Lorde and others star in fantastic cover of "God Only Knows"

Black teenager pepper-sprayed by police in his own home

A brief history of Rock the Vote PSA millennial "icons"

The Stephen Collins "shot" heard round the world

The science of rubbernecking: The real reason we can't look away from a car crash

Fraternity loses its charter for displaying pro-rape "no means yes" sign at a party

GOP Senate candidate Cory Gardner has held 3 positions on climate change this week

Why Americans are so easily terrorized by ISIS

Washington underwater? Why rising sea levels could cause devastating flooding in the near future

Canada's on course to cause serious damage to the Arctic

Justice Anthony Kennedy blocks same-sex marriage in Idaho

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Sarah Silverman wants to raise $30 trillion to close the wage gap

Hysterical National Review editorial unloads on Supreme Court over marriage equality, predicts legalized incest

"Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson says you can't get STIs if you have "Biblically correct sex"

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America's sex and race failure: Why Raven-Symone and an Ohio couple are struggling

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Fracking company teams up with Susan G. Komen, introduces pink drill bits "for the cure"

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Dog belonging to Ebola victim euthanized by Spanish regional government

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Shonda Rhimes calls offensive NYT piece "a very good reminder" of "casual racial bias"