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Target set to raise minimum wage to $9 an hour

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#RaceTogether is a debacle: The real reason why Starbucks, McDonald's and Coke keep failing on Twitter

I watched the Randy Quaid porno so you don't have to

Robert Durst is not a "true psychopath," but childhood trauma could provide answers

Bill McKibben: Scientists can't save us

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"I've had a really fun life": Joan Walsh opens up on her childhood, career -- and online critics

Woman accused of cutting baby from pregnant woman's womb

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Starbucks is a national joke: Why its #RaceTogether campaign is so "self-righteous"

We don't watch "Empire" for the plot: It's the unabashed spectacle of wealth and style that keeps us hooked

Ted Cruz, champion of local control, tries to overturn D.C. laws on gay rights and contraception

"The Gunman": Sean Penn's idiotic, glorious and doomed leftist thriller

Aaron Schock's epic downfall gets the "Daily Show" treatment

Bill Gates' dire Ebola warning: "Next time we might not be so lucky"

America's pointless Gwyneth Paltrow wars: Why hating the star for her ridiculous privilege actually misses the point

Stewart blasts Netanyahu over racist fear-mongering: "That’s our thing!"

"Insurgent" is the "KFC Famous Bowl" of film: Critics agree the "Divergent" series is the poor woman’s “Hunger Games"

Maryland Senate race shows how progressives can reshape the Democratic debate

"The EPA wants to watch you in the shower": The destructive rightwing lie that ignores California's water crisis

WSJ columnist's incoherent race-baiting: More progress occurred when "whites were still lynching blacks"

Feminist Thor selling way more comic books than dude Thor

GOP's "black magic" budget: Using voodoo to conjure trillions in savings

Sean Penn: Dick Cheney is still alive because life is unfair

You can now anonymously send a "bag of dicks" to your enemies (or your friends?)

Bill Cosby fans have been sending death threats to Hannibal Buress

9 industries that scare you into buying things you don't need

Rubio's latest Iran claptrap: The next president can back out of a nuclear deal, and it will be just fine!

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PATRIOT Act strikes again: How little-known language could enable massive spying -- on you

Netanyahu throws liberals under the bus: How will they defend him now?

Megyn Kelly battles Bobby Jindal over proposed ban on "radical" Muslim immigrants

"I really want you to kill yourself": Comedian Bo Burnham goes nuclear on heckler (UPDATED)

"College is a terrifying experience if you are male"

A grown-up "Heather Has Two Mommies" now denounces gay marriage

Cut their paychecks and take away their healthcare! The GOP's insane plan to woo women in 2016

Your microwave dinner is making you obese: What the food industry doesn't want you to know

A racial "Big Brother" debacle: Why is the government spying on Black Lives Matter protests?

Boehner's life-changing revelation: Has hapless Speaker finally learned how to do his job?

Ashley Judd explains why online gender violence is very much a "real" thing

Global warming's scary new record: Arctic sea ice peaked at an all-time low this winter

If you're shocked by this Penn State frat's nude photo ring, you're not paying attention

Hangover-free wine could be in our very near future

All-white Fox News panel demands apology for school's Black History Month event

The magic of the CW is real: The network's supernatural success is changing the future of TV

"Go cry your struggles to someone who cares": Amputee receives horrible, abusive letter over handicapped parking spot

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