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Listen up, frat boys: You are not Jon Stewart

Paul Krugman: No, Great Britain isn't an austerity success story

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Starbucks baristas stop writing 'Race Together' on cups

Florida official struggles not to say "climate change" in painfully awkward video

Stephen A. Smith keeps urging black community to turn out for GOP

Ted Cruz's climate denial makes him "absolutely unfit" to be president: Jerry Brown

Justices to review sentences for young convicts

"Girls": Leaning in and moving on, finally

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Taylor Swift buys to prevent...well, you know

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Pat Robertson: "I wish Reagan would rise from the dead"

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"Being accused of rape is not an ideal trait in a quarterback": Jameis Winston NFL draft apologia begins

Supreme Court lets Wisconsin's voter ID law stand

The fake “Mad Men” ending we'll never see: Matthew Weiner's super-secret finale script

Pope Francis receives pizza delivery — while riding in the Pope Mobile (VIDEO)

Loathed and over-hyped: Why Ted Cruz's path to the nomination is so narrow

We are literally flushing millions of dollars worth of gold down the toilet, scientists say

7 worst right-wing moments of the week — Fox pundit with an Ayn Rand fetish thinks it's racist to discuss race

Madonna thinks she’s too "shocking" for the White House: "If Jay Z would only take me as his second wife, then I'd score an invitation”

A "f**kbarrel" of fines: John Oliver reveals the disturbing way police are preying on the working poor

Ted Cruz's "Scott Walker" problem: Why they're both making false promises to the Tea Party

This is absolutely terrifying: “There are really only two big patches of intact forest left on Earth"

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I did heroin with my dad

My fear of a right-wing kid: I won't let my child become a Ted Cruz-voting wing-nut

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Benjamin Netanyahu "sorry" his racist remarks offended people

“Like Sarah Palin’s annoying younger brother”: Ted Cruz's 2016 announcement gets brutally mocked on Twitter

Is college now just a course in "self-infantilization"?

Scott Walker's "freedom" sham: Legalized bribery, ALEC and an assault on workers

Police find no evidence of gang rape -- or rape culture -- after UVA investigation

Ted Cruz's borderline hysteria: There's no problem Ted Cruz can't fix by "securing the border"

Grain higher, livestock mixed