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Bob Schieffer on police brutality: Media doesn't tell you "how hard it is to do a cop's job right"

Marco Rubio: "I don't believe sexual preference is a choice"

"Your stories were wrong": Judy Miller demolished by current NYTer for disastrous Iraq War reporting

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Neil deGrasse Tyson gets stumped by Larry Wilmore in epic "blerd-off" challenge

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A trans man could be a magazine's "ultimate" guy

Conan O'Brien publicly shames one of his writers for "tweeting stupid things about the state of late night comedy"

Roger Ailes actually defends Brian Williams: “He’s a talent who made a dumb-ass error”

The GOP's looming Social Security war: Mike Huckabee lashes out at Chris Christie's deceptive "truth telling"

Police and city officials resign after Missouri town elects first black female mayor

"Veep" punching bag Jonah on his new gig: "It's so close to perfect for him, aside from the fact that he's being molested"

Scott Walker is the absolute worst: Beneath his "Everyman" facade, a grossly incompetent administration

Fox News' hilarious 4/20 fear mongering: "It's like putting Drano on your breakfast cereal"

Grain mixed, livestock lower

Rick Scott’s Obamacare debacle: Florida Man traps himself in wholly unnecessary Medicaid fight

Alec Baldwin hammered in scathing NYT op-ed for complaining about "inconvenient" protest

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