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"What the hell is wrong with you?": Roger Ailes reveals what he told Donald Trump after his Megyn Kelly feud erupted

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"They call me Dope Francis": Twitter goes nuts imagining the pope freestyling on the mic

Steve Doocy backs up Donald Trump: "I actually remember" Muslim Americans cheering on 9/11

Robert Dear, "gentle loner": The New York Times reveals a load of biases in early round of Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood coverage

A "mob of black students" did not "barricade" faculty on a Canadian campus: The right-wing media is blatantly lying about the #blackoncampus movement

Anti-choicers are immoral liars, and liberals should not hesitate to claim the moral high ground

Amy Schumer's "comic" nude, Serena Williams' awe-inspiring body study, Patti Smith's unflinching gaze: The new Pirelli calendar redefines the power of the pin-up

Fox News host hijacks American history: Inside the deceptive & Islamophobic revisionism of Brian Kilmeade

More like Reagan than FDR: I'm a millennial and I'll never vote for Hillary Clinton

"They make money by selling body parts": Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and the 90 seconds of insanity that explains how right-wing rhetoric led to domestic terror at Planned Parenthood

"Seinfeld" cast reaches out to dying fan with heartfelt birthday messages

"Our protesters came in for abortions": Fear, slut-shaming, Planned Parenthood, and the truth about right-wing religious hypocrisy

Alcohol and the teen brain: There's evidence binge drinking is dangerous for the adolescent brain -- but guess what substance gets the bad rap

When "The Office" is Wal-Mart: "Superstore" tackles workplace comedy with an eye on the minimum wage

Cate Blanchett's cocky elegance: As Queen Elizabeth, Bob Dylan or a closeted '50s housewife, her on-screen seductions are anything but sweet

Fox News' sick OB-GYN fantasy: Now they really want Planned Parenthood patients and doctors to pack heat for protection

I'm sorry, Taylor Swift: My one tweet set off a worldwide search for a "missing" pop star from Los Angeles to New Zealand

5 vitamins and minerals that are actually worth your money

5 reasons why anxiety is so difficult to cope with (and what you can do about it)

It's worse than Fox News: The media is ignoring domestic terrorism -- and has been for years

Robert Reich: The GOP must answer for its hate-mongering

The GOP's insidious Christmas list: How congressional Republicans are planning to screw the country this holiday season

The right's destructive anti-choice propaganda war: Why it's time to fight back & how we can do it

"He is confusing bullsh*t with truth": Trevor Noah unloads on Donald Trump's nonsense on 9/11, New York Times

Hello, GMO salmon: Why would anyone want to create a farmed Frankenfish when wild salmon are already the perfect fish?

Ted Cruz defends his party's honor: "The overwhelming majority of violent criminals are Democrats"

"My relationship with Donald Trump is almost a relationship with Jesus Christ": You will never guess all the mindless, asinine reasons people are voting for Donald Trump

Rachel Maddow delivers a somber history of abortion clinic terror attacks in the U.S.

Bill O'Reilly: Conservative rhetoric no more responsible for Planned Parenthood shooting than I am for George Tiller's murder

Ben Carson insists "conservatives can be humanitarian," it's just that Syrian refugees don't want to come to U.S.

The religious right is neither: The real history of how decades of radical, violent rhetoric led to the Planned Parenthood shooting

"This time is different": Chris Hayes explains why there is reason to be optimistic about the Paris climate summit

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Wing-nuts are impervious to tragedy: Why the Planned Parenthood shooting won't curb their insanity

Chris Christie's hometown paper on his New Hampshire Union Leader endorsement: "The paper knows almost nothing about his record as governor"

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CNN's ugly, racial victim blaming: A sad low in Freddie Gray coverage

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