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Hillary Clinton jumps on America's next Flint: Campaign looks to put the spotlight on Jackson, Mississippi, as lead levels spike

Jeb's New Hampshire dilemma: Going through Marco Rubio (and the rest of the party) to play spoiler

Brooklyn Beckham's Burberry backlash: This isn't snobbery — working artists are right to be mad when rich kids jump the line

How Hillary Clinton bounces back from Iowa: Voters are hungry for a platform with meaning, she needs to give it to them

Jian Ghomeshi's ugly defense: “She’s a liar” is a too-common refrain heard by women accusing men of sexual assault

Ted Cruz admits fault, apologizes to Ben Carson for spreading false rumors of his demise

Bernie bros, stop this meme: Your dumb joke about Hillary's music taste isn't funny — it's predictably sexist

Drama over Iowa caucus: Bernie Sanders urges DNC to release raw votes after tight finish

People who are passionate about politics are more likely to have multiple orgasms, study finds

FBI probes Flint water scandal: Latest agency to join investigation of crisis that's devastated city

How Alexander Chee wrote "The Queen of the Night": "'Buffy' reruns daily. The need to watch all of 'Six Feet Under' in a week. So much Internet"

Zika virus spreads through sexual contact, officials say

No, Bernie Sanders can't overcome GOP obstructionism. Here's why that shouldn't matter

Sanders' supporters cry foul over "Coingate": Controversy over coin tosses that made Clinton "winner" in Iowa

Ted Cruz's radical supporters: He won Iowa on the back of the scariest Bible-thumpers in the business

“Stop putting people in jail for a plant": Republican millennials take on cannabis laws

Rooney Mara can’t win for “Carol”: Even in the best supporting actress Oscar race, a male lead matters more

Even when Hillary wins, she loses: In Iowa, I saw plenty of excitement for Clinton, too — but Sanders' surge is still the big news

The blood sport of Iowa: A squeaker victory, losers who "win" and the mainstream media’s bizarre caucus narrative

Robert Reich: Bernie Sanders is the only candidate of change

This is how the U.S.-led coalition investigates itself when accused of killing civilians

Vietnam in the Middle East: America's War on Terror is destabilizing the entire region

One sniff is all it takes: Scented household products may be hazardous to our health

The Jersey bully emerges: Fading in New Hampshire, Chris Christie flails at Marco Rubio

Decoding the Iowa caucus spin: As media overplays Rubio's third-place finish, Sanders shortchanged for amazing near-upset

Glitter beards, bubble beards, ornament beards, flower beards: Hipster beard trends are on another level

"31 minutes were just people shouting 'Really? Him?'": James Corden mocks Ted Cruz's epic 32-minute speech and the joys of #StickerBoy

Stephen Colbert takes on #CoinGate: "The Democrats picked the winner last night the same way roommates decide who has to drive to Taco Bell"

"Like watching a porn where the guy actually fixes the plumbing and leaves": Trevor Noah's is letdown from lack of Donald Trump meltdown

"As Donald Trump describes it: me and two half-rapists": Larry Wilmore takes on GOP field, #CoinGate

Jesus reads Donald Trump and Ted Cruz: Jimmy Kimmel just topped Mean Tweets

Progressive Jewish groups make New York Times parody issue to protest newspaper's "biased Israel-Palestine coverage"

"Jim Crow must go": Thousands of New York City students staged a one-day boycott to protest segregation -- and it barely made the history books

Bill O'Reilly blasts "nonsense" Iowa results because "very formidable" Donald Trump didn't win

Sanders campaign flooded with donations after Iowa caucus -- $3 million raised in 24 hours

Sarah Palin urges people to support Donald Trump because he thinks like Justin Bieber

Citing fraud, Donald Trump calls for Ted Cruz's caucus victory to be nullified: He "didn't win Iowa, he stole it"

Porn hysteria and attacks on Planned Parenthood prove the religious right's just getting bolder

Sane conservatives need not apply: Rand Paul dropping out of race proves GOP only fit for radical Republicans

Bill Maher gets cozy with the "goat milk cures HIV" quack: If “truth is dead and the internet killed it,” Maher is part of the problem

The Bernie Sanders era is upon us: Why Iowa was a watershed moment for American politics

Coin tosses, town halls, secret ballots, predictors: The Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary, explained

Amazon's bookstore trap: Come for the casual browsing, leave all your data in their hands

"Someone that batsh*t crazy could score 10 percent in Iowa!": Lewis Black unloads on the Republican primary field

Criminal charges filed over massive methane leak in California

"It was like watching home": "Fresh Off the Boat" makes history with funny and moving Chinese New Year episode

We're ignoring an American apocalypse: While everyone obsesses about Trump, the middle class is still rapidly dying

Über-villain Bernie Madoff: New miniseries gives the Ponzi scheme mastermind the lurid horror movie he deserves

Sarah Palin unleashed! Trump's No. 1 backer accuses Cruz crony of orchestrating Carson caucus lie

Rand Paul and the GOP torture chamber: With Paul out of race, only one Republican candidate left who's against vile "enhanced interrogation"

Ted Cruz, human dog whistle: Evangelicals -- those "courageous conservatives" -- know exactly what he is talking about

3 million reasons why Hillary should be nervous: Grassroots Sanders supporters send message with deluge of donations after Iowa