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Oil plunges 8 percent to lowest level in 10 months

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Rules would cut federal aid to for-profit colleges

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Bill aims to expand benefits for the unemployed

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Bush lied about his military service, and so did Reagan

AP sources: Intelligence director to resign

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National intelligence director resigning

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Buffalo burger with spicy ketchup by Marcus Samuelsson

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Senate passes massive Wall Street regulation bill

The Tory/Lib-Dem Government endorses actual change

"Shrek" returns to form

Michael Douglas: The last great antihero

At worst, oil spewed already could fill 102 gyms

3 Basques convicted in 2006 Madrid airport bombing

Your feminist guide to fall TV

The lesson of Rand Paul: libertarianism is juvenile

Rand Paul: W.H. criticism of BP sounds "un-American"

My mean boss is ill -- and I'm not sorry!

Church warns cell scientists not to play God

New Orleans bakes BP a thank-you cake

Clinton condemns North Korea attack

Is candy really a food?

Staten Island GOP endorses drunk ex-congressman with secret family

State dinner crashers stopped near White House

Ala. evangelist gets life for dead wife in freezer

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams: Cannes' hottest couple

What's in an airline name?

Tea Party candidate Chuck DeVore, "military reservist," was not "shot at" in Lebanon

Who is more "un-American"? Rand Paul or Obama?

Obama wins the right to detain people with no habeas review

Correction of the day, Richard Blumenthal edition

U2's Bono has emergency back surgery in Germany

EU nations back tougher sanctions to combat debt

Best of Cannes: Javier Bardem is "Biutiful"

Jesse James: I threw it all away

Taliban deny attending peace talks

The Tea Party candidate other Republicans hate is ahead in Nevada