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Chris Klein rebounds from viral video hell

Oil well "top kill" plug readied; agency rapped

Obama to send 1,200 troops to Mexico border

OB-GYNs blocked from providing abortions

1,200 National Guard troops won't fix the border problem

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Obama's "candid" lunch with Senate Republicans

Brr! NFL going outdoors in N.J. for 2014 Super Bowl

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Today, I'm writing straight from the heart

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Wall Street turns on Obama for administering its medicine

BP yet to make call on latest bid to stop Gulf oil

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World stocks up, but traders wary on Europe debt

"American Idol" recap: Final performances

No easy options for getting out of Afghanistan

Stimulus: Keeping the U.S. economy on life support

Gulf Coast population surges, but will it last?

Scandal-plagued Fergie attends NYC book fair

Club for Growth ad attacks Sue Lowden in Nevada

U.S. demands civilian trials -- except in the U.S.

Blogger produces texts supporting Nikki Haley affair rumor

Vaughn Ward, the most incompetent candidate in America, is also a loser

Patton Oswalt catches thief, via Twitter

Activists plead guilty in Sen. Landrieu bug case

Coast Guard gives BP OK to try to stop oil leak

Apple's Chinese suicide problem

The foodie indictment of feminism

"Teabugger" James O'Keefe pleads guilty to misdemeanor

U.K. gov't discloses size of its nuclear stockpile

Facebook to simplify privacy controls

BP begins novel effort to try to stop Gulf oil

"Sex and the City 2's" stunning Muslim clich

Top military officer talks change as vote looms

"Homosexuals" in the military will assault everyone, Christian right warns

Sestak "bribe"-gate: Judd Gregg did it first

The Sestak affair: High crime or politics as usual?

Elton John performance in Morocco raises outcry

Art Linkletter dies at 97