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"Veronica Mars" Kickstarts a movie project

FRC: Functioning societies "punish" premarital sex

Jessica Biel, Jason Bateman and Josh Gad join Matt Damon in toilet strike

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Study: Vivaldi boosts mental vitality

The 10 worst people on Forbes' 2013 billionaire list

Key Obama ally calls for more transparency on drones

It's good to be the pope

Where are the women Kerouacs?

James Holmes and the ethics of "truth serum"

EPA reverses water pollution decision after lobbyist steps in

Saudi youths battle Assad regime in Syria

Barbara Pym gets rediscovered — again

"The Incredible Burt Wonderstone": Steve Carell and Jim Carrey's Vegas throwdown

"Seven minutes of terror": The secret story of the Mars rover landing

Can rape be stopped?

Shootings leave upstate New York towns reeling

CPAC: 3 things to watch for

Francis I: The pope of the 99 percent?

Perween Rahman, activist for the poor, murdered in Karachi

Must-see morning clip: Steve Carell and Justin Timberlake are real people with fake arms

Michelle Obama: Our family is more important than D.C. socializing

Physicists claim to have found long-sought Higgs boson

"Veronica Mars" reaches $2 million funding goal in less than a day

Spy agencies to get access to Americans' finances

Another Carnival Cruise disaster

Study: More moms want full-time work

Obama: Keystone XL pipeline wouldn't be a major job creator

Pope Francis is the first Jesuit pope

Obama on drones: I'm not Dick Cheney

The choice for Democrats: Obama or liberalism?

Gohmert tells CPAC: We could've won Vietnam

Long-lost Robert Louis Stevenson essay published

Allen West at CPAC: No moderation!

Jeopardy joins in on dissing Taylor Swift

Phoenix may not survive climate change

Tensions with NYPD after teen shooting flare for third night

Papal election stirs memories of Argentina's "Dirty War"

Dick Morris makes Chris Christie-ice cream joke at CPAC

Pope Francis on gay rights: His 5 worst quotes

Steve King at CPAC: No universal background checks

GOP confuses government and family budgets

Fox affiliate zooms in on breasts for "Women's Day"

Pope Francis, please remember the women!

Mini golf for freedom!

Restaurant horror show: How waitstaffs are mistreated

The Internet blew my mind

GOPer at CPAC: I'll "make" Republicans fix the Voting Rights Act

Chris Hayes to replace Ed Schultz in prime-time slot

Adam Lanza studied mass murderers

Ed Asner released from hospital, shows canceled

Rubio at CPAC: Liberals are "freeloaders"

U.S. database on cyber-vulnerabilities is hacked

Rand Paul wins the first day of right-wing confab

Joan Didion's "Salvador" delves into the heart of darkness

Louie Gohmert treated like rock star at CPAC, of course

New claims of prosecutor misconduct in Aaron Swartz case

"Reality": Toxic celebrity, Italian-style

U.S. commander: Karzai's comments threaten troops

Tennessee bill would allow counselors to deny gay students mental health services