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Netflix to run original Dreamworks TV series

No one understands how hard it is to be Glenn Beck, says Glenn Beck

Is Turkey ready to join the European Union?

ENDA lands support from another Democrat

Poll shows most Americans oppose arming Syrian rebels

Patriot Act critics never had a clue

Marco Rubio’s awful day

Robert Kraft backtracks, says Super Bowl ring was gift to Putin

Chicago firefighters charged with attempted rape of an unconscious woman

Ted Cruz measure would overturn SCOTUS on voter registration

That new supercomputer is not your friend

Vice re-creates female authors' suicides for maximum trolling

Pic of the day: No fun

From "Bling Ring" to Oprah, "The Secret" lives on

I'm still angry about the affair

A head trip to a haunted recording studio

Looking to the mother I barely knew

Bank of America whistle-blower's bombshell: "We were told to lie"

Syrian warplanes hit rebels near military base

Protests explode across Brazil

Charles Saatchi cautioned over assault on wife

GOP's hot plan: Cut food for poor people!

Unions give boost to Turkish protest movement

Obama on surveillance: I'm not Dick Cheney

Pentagon to begin training women for elite combat roles by 2015

Gitmo "indefinite detainees" revealed

Lil Wayne dances on top of American flag in new music video

Must-see morning clip: "The Daily Show" on the return of Sarah Palin

House GOPer: Boehner should lose speakership over immigration reform

Poll: 47 percent think IRS targeting orders came from the White House

Reputed Mafia captain tip behind new Hoffa body search

Has the US lost Africa to terrorism?

Ray Kelly, who oversaw secret Muslim spying, slams NSA secrecy

Millennials likely aren't as conservative as they think

What "The Bling Ring" gets wrong about Valley girls

Samantha Bee faces down the gay lobby

US begins peace talks with Taliban

Check out the full Bank of America whistleblower details (affidavits)

Vice apologizes, pulls suicide-glorifying photo spread from Web

Boehner: I won't push immigration without majority GOP support

GOP lawmaker: Extreme abortion ban justified because of masturbating fetuses

Bachmann: Karl Rove is not with the GOP base

Miss Utah gives wonderfully succinct answer to question about women and work

Idaho GOPer fears gay employees will come "into work in a tutu"

Exclusive clip from "How to Make Money Selling Drugs"

Guys worry about sex on the first date too

All about Kaidence, the reported name of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's baby

Freedom from the dead battery menace

Texas councilwoman outraged over billboard featuring gay couple

House hearing in celebration of NSA spying

Hacktivists strike north of the border

Gripping photos: The people of the Turkey protests

Gripping photos: The people of the Turkey protests (slideshow)

Former intern sues Atlantic Records

Dan Harmon apologizes for comparing "Community's" season 4 to rape

No, Brazilian riots are not an "overreaction" to fare hikes

São Paulo anchors Brazilian protests

Is there a "liberal bias" in academia?

War against Issa heats up, as Cummings releases IRS transcript

GOP's war on women has a new face: Marsha Blackburn

Ai Weiwei on his incarceration: "They never looked away from me, 24 hours a day”

On "The Bridge," normal is dangerous