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Next phase of Manning trial: What's at stake in sentencing

"Ex-gay" therapist wants you to believe that "ex-gay" therapy really helps people

The sharing economy gets greedy

Senate committee to NSA: "If this program is not effective, it has to end"

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Texas wants women seeking abortions to take adoption classes first

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Cities will save us!

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Demetri Martin: "There’s something about trying to make stuff that you admire, even if you can't pull it off"

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"America's scariest police chief" suspended

Lonely Grover Norquist loses key allies

"2 Guns": A shoot-'em-up for the Snowden era

Filner – not Weiner – is the real Democratic sex scandal

Thailand oil spill hits a tourist beach

Hunger strikes are all California prisoners have

Progressives enable GOP's war on the poor

Edward Snowden leaves Moscow airport

Congress finally approves bill to lower student loan rates

"Truckloads" of fuel created from garbage

New poll shows Mitch McConnell might be in trouble

Randy Travis discharged from hospital

Filner lawyer blames city for not providing sexual harassment training

A victory for gay parents' custody rights in Alabama

Is congressional drone oversight working?

Must-see morning clip: Anthony Weiner invokes 9/11 in new campaign video

Couples line up to wed as Minnesota, Rhode Island same-sex marriage laws take effect

There's money in the compost bin

Nothing can be done about the Alberta tar sands spill

Today in Catholic sex abuse disclosures

Counter-intel officer: Manning leaks did not lead to deaths

Updated: Million-dollar speaker Cory Booker has not yet decided when you should be allowed to retire

Investigation finds evidence of CIA drone strikes on rescuers

Russia will enforce its anti-gay law during the Olympics after all

Aaron Swartz prosecutor compared technologist to a rapist

Sean Parker's wedding becomes even more obnoxious

New Haven Register: Sorry for comparing Fox News to KKK

Controversial police chief sees conspiracy to get him fired

Sarah Palin's PAC takes fundraising nosedive

NSA at work? Writer says house raided after online browsing

Texas Republicans want Wendy Davis to foot the bill for special sessions

Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper apologizes for using racial slur

Rubio: Obama's the one who wants a shutdown

Why privilege is so hard to give up

Seven more years of hell

China is fracking in a fault zone

House Science Committee wants the EPA to change its fracking study

Wall Street decimates black America

Josh Fox: “Democracy itself has become contaminated”

Modern Seinfeld Twitter account gets co-creator TV writing job

The "anti-God" party

Google scientists tell Google to stop fundraising for Inhofe

Kerry: Pakistan drone strikes to continue but could end "soon"

Headline-hungry Newt babbles incoherently!

A son investigates the family secrets

Colin Powell denies affair after reported Guccifer hack

Florida refuses to investigate FBI shooting of Tsarnaev friend

America's trendiest names ever

Ariel Castro says his addiction to porn is the reason he kept his three victims captive for a decade

Fox chairman urges viewers to be patient with Seth MacFarlane's "Dads"

Time discovers some people don't have kids