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Miley Cyrus joins the boys' club

Flash forwards are the new flashbacks

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There's More To It

The right is wrong about rights

Lawmaker turns the tables on crisis pregnancy centers

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Woman steals bike back from Craigslist thief

8 US soldiers whose horrific crimes got them less time than Manning

American workers deserve a raise

Republicans turn on each other, invite national disaster

Fast plant is boost for Japan auto also-ran Mazda

Music education tied to higher test scores

Defending draconian abortion laws in court costs taxpayers millions

Watch: Flying low over the California Rim Fire

Syria regime vows to defend itself

Must-see morning clip: Ann Curry reports from Syrian refugee camp

UN warns against NSA spying on diplomats

Republicans think LGBT people and immigrants have no place in the civil rights movement

People are starting to sue fracking companies for causing earthquakes

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler reportedly asked to return as Golden Globe hosts

Gabrielle Giffords hero faces anti-gay smear campaign in Arizona

Will robots make us sexist?

Expert: U.S. Syria strike plans unlikely to work

The despicable Laura Ingraham outdoes herself

After the Onion goes after CNN's Miley Cyrus coverage, Anderson Cooper spotlights twerking

The "dematerialization" of society in the digital age

Hans Blix: U.S. has "poor excuse" for Syria incursion now

Hey, tech journalists: Stop referring to everyone as "the next Steve Jobs"

Kevin Spacey's anti-piracy business model: Give the audience control

Your Facebook friends can affect your credit score

A wearable computer more powerful than Glass

This summer's mosquito epidemics are brought to you by climate change

Norwegian hotel chain bans pay-per-view porn

Boehner the Scrooge?: How the GOP congress could ruin your holiday

Clooney gets stuck in space, Johansson man-eats in Venice Films

Surveillance state would have appalled Martin Luther King Jr.

Young Gitmo soldiers get 9/11 history lesson

Fox News uses predictions based on planetary positions to mock global warming

Keith's back, and we should be grateful

Female oil workers face gender discrimination

The trial of Bradley, the punishment of Chelsea

Inside the minds behind Funny or Die

The right's bigoted crusade against Al Jazeera America

Fox News cares more about dogs than women

Missouri government accused of preventing clean energy development

Zimmerman asking Florida to pay his legal bills

Study: Wearing high heels causes long-term foot damage, "clawing of the toes"

Los Angeles could become the largest U.S. city to offer free Wi-Fi

"Breast is best" is about race too