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Georgia GOPer Jody Hice: "Satan" is "chipping away" at "our Christian rights"

Richard Nixon: A man transfixed by panda sex

Newest anti-vaxx trend causes babies' brains to bleed

Report: Research into bee-killing pesticides is tainted by corporate interests

Germany performed the most penis enlargements in the world last year

Grover Norquist announces major summer plans

The heartbreaking way this husband is staying connected with his comatose wife

Neil deGrasse Tyson responds to creationist: "That's messed up"

When brain disease strikes an NFL team owner: The heartbreaking irony of Broncos owner Pat Bowlen

Why is everyone so obsessed with getting busy in the sand? Blame beach-sex porn

Debunking the myths about Gaza: The truth behind Israeli and Palestinian talking points

Robert Reich: "American" corporations are a farce

How conservative Christian women came to claim "true" feminism

Texas GOP's platform is an Ayn Randian fever dream

David Gregory is really bad at his job, today's edition: "Meet the Press" host's strange half-apology for dreadful Gaza questioning

The Laura Ingraham moment: Is it time for the talkers to become the candidates?

Obama really let these clowns win? How right-wing obstruction always trumps sober centrism

The dark truth about "green" fuel: Natural gas won't save us

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is now the deadliest ever

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Wehby-mentum just won't die: Conservatives' desperate hope for an Oregon Senate upset

Must-see morning clip: "The Daily Show" correspondent Larry Wilmore calls NYPD racist

On International Tiger Day, let's stop taking tiger selfies

Stephen Colbert gets to the heart of Beck's music: "Why Beck sad?"

Bill O’Reilly: Kids smoking pot is “part of the culture” in “certain ghetto neighborhoods”

Stephen Colbert reprised his "Hobbit" role as Laketown Spy at Comic-Con

Women are getting smarter faster than men

McCain’s reality check: “There just aren’t the votes” to impeach Obama

James Franco teaches Jimmy Fallon how to take a creepy selfie

Richard Dawkins gets it wrong about rape -- again

No Labels, no respect: The bipartisan "solutions" group embodies the worst of D.C.

U.S. officials furious with Israel over criticism of Kerry

Researchers: BP oil spill's impact was "deeper and wider" than thought

Smile! People might like you more

The energy industry has a women problem

Engineering students 3-D-print "bionic" arm for 6-year-old -- for under $350

Colbert, Stewart and Louis C.K. skewer Silicon Valley: The 10 best comedy takedowns of start-up culture

The right's absurd victory lap: Why ditching "pro-choice" isn't a win for conservatives

GOP senator blocks resolution acknowledging that climate change is happening

Shocking Michelle Nunn leaked memo: GOP will attack her with obvious attacks!

Al Roker and Matt Lauer are really worried in "Sharknado 2"

Report: Microsoft releasing a "selfie phone" perfect for narcissists everywhere

There is a 50 percent chance you have this virus

Syrian activists say rebels detonate bomb-packed tunnels in Aleppo, killing at least 13 troops

Jimmy Kimmel's Comic-Con stunt reveals the limits of man-on-the-street comedy

7 reasons why Facebook is terrible for you

It's not OK to grope women on the street. That includes beauty queens

Surprise, surprise: Here's a new way Facebook is trying to control its users

This video of DMX riding a roller coaster is why he needs another reality TV show

Conservatives launch Reaganbook, a “Facebook for patriots”

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Fox News' "War on Christianity": How right-wing hacks created a sect of victims

Good news, couch potatoes: Running even a little bit reduces your risk of early death

Journalism under fire: America's freedom of the press is in danger

A Calgary fertility clinic tried to tamp down "rainbow" families

Girls experience more gender-related bullying than boys

Secrets of the right-wing brain: New study proves it -- conservatives see a different, hostile world

What will it take to stop the deadliest Ebola outbreak in history?

Hobby Lobby alleged to have fired pregnant employee who requested time off to give birth