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Ancient swamp pig named after Mick Jagger because of its plump, sensitive lips

Burger King's black cheeseburger may be trying to tell us something

Tech giants pull massive bait-and-switch on your privacy

Ted Cruz's colossal nonsense: Right-wing media, and everything he doesn't know about the Middle East

The Indianapolis Colts just donated $100K to domestic violence charities. Who's next?

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Phoenix hopes to close out Chicago in WNBA Final

How the built environment is contributing to childhood obesity

Roger Goodell's latest excuse

7 right-wing Christians who got their comeuppance in hilarious ways

Monstrous dinosaur was larger than a T-rex, and a swimmer who ate sharks

Ravens will open their first game with a theme song by Rihanna

"The Drop": A masterful Brooklyn thriller -- and James Gandolfini's terrific final role

It's OK to admit that H.P. Lovecraft was racist

"Atlas Shrugged III": Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck in a bizarre Ayn Rand fever dream

Bookstores live! Secrets of the stores saving the book world

Is this the beginning of the end of dark money?

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10 Things to Know for Today

5 things the religious right needs to learn about the Ten Commandments

Michael Che to replace Cecily Strong as "SNL" "Weekend Update" co-anchor

Family capitalism's insidious return: How billionaires are undermining America

Fox's crazy new Benghazi blitz: Why it's desperately clinging to its favorite conspiracy

OkCupid founder: "I wish people exercised more humanity" on OkCupid

Nastiest campaign in America: Colorado Dem unloads to Salon on his GOP foe

Must-see morning clip: Jon Stewart takes down Obama's ISIS speech

"Our silence is deafening and deadly": Watch CBS's James Brown deliver a powerful speech on domestic violence

Paul Krugman exposes the "con men" behind “the inflation cult”

It's disgusting, and it's still about race: Southern Republicans simply don't want minorities to vote

Stephen Colbert reminds us that McCain and Bush had it right all along

Is Obama's ISIS plan legal? Breaking down the administration's shaky foundation for war

Why Ray Rice fans wore their jerseys to the Ravens game, according to Ray Rice fans

Robin Givens: "This is what happened to me"

Stephen Colbert shocked to learn that climate change will force the bald eagle out of the U.S.

My boyfriend wants me to sleep around

Syrian-American guest battles Megyn Kelly's Islamophobia

Watch Billy Eichner and David Letterman play "Celebrity Child or Kentucky Derby Winner"

Ben Carson: "I'm not sure" domestic violence is a huge problem

Cecily Strong canned from "Weekend Update": Why she got screwed

Bill Maher: I won't watch John Oliver

GOP wants women to buy over-the-counter birth control with all the money they aren't getting paid

James Franco and Chris O'Dowd's "Of Mice and Men" telecast will air Nov. 6

Wall Street's civil rights disgrace: Inside a quiet, evil lobbying effort

This may be Glenn Beck's dumbest conspiracy theory yet

Students help rape survivor carry her mattress around campus until her abuser is expelled

Cops' deadly identity problem: How police officers' military uniforms affect their mental state

Stop putting viral kids on talk shows!

Marc Jacobs' models bared all in the best way possible

Community Discussion: Should we take to the streets for change?

This is bigger than the NFL: 5 things you can do about domestic violence

"Look at me. I’m for sale. On your street. On your browser”

Scientists have finally captured the sound produced by a single atom

I drive right-wing trolls crazy: Here's why they still don't understand anti-capitalism arguments

Rubio's absurd foreign policy: Flip-flopping on ISIS, Syria and everything else

Happy Ending Haiku Contest - NOW ENDED

Mold, feces and cockroaches: Documents reveal new reasons to distrust Foster Farms chicken

Teen could face 2 years in jail for simulating oral sex with Jesus statue

Brave heroes in Congress may vote on ISIS war! (After the elections, obviously)

Malala Yousafzai's attackers have been arrested

Rush Limbaugh on "this domestic violence stuff" and the NFL: “If we keep feminizing this game we’re going to ruin it”

Was this Jon Stewart's Walter Cronkite moment?

Is it a crime to expose someone to HIV?

Olive Garden investors are not pleased with the chain's breadstick situation

Whoops! Grandmas are tagging themselves as Grandmaster Flash on Facebook

The "death of adulthood" is really just capitalism at work

Grain mostly lower, beef mixed and pork lower