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AP investigation details perimeter breaches at US airports

John Oliver and Edward Snowden create an unguessable email password: "Margaret Thatcher is 100% Sexy"

Here's why you should care about ocean acidification: It's behind Earth's worst-ever mass extinction

The twisted metamorphosis of Scott Walker's Wisconsin: How a once-liberal state became a political battlefield

Our coming theocratic hell: Look out, the right's "religious freedom" push is just the beginning

Listen, it's still their f**king fault: Bush, Cheney, neo-con drivel, and the truth about Iraq and ISIS

She's making it official: Hillary Clinton reportedly set to announce her 2016 campaign this weekend

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Karen Russell interviews Kent Russell: "I was firmly in the throes of male adolescence's hurtful apathy"

Classic rock and the big arena show: Who will pack the stadiums when the legacy acts retire?

The porn star next door: Dudes crowdsource their crush's X-rated look-alikes with DoppelBangHer

Kristen Stewart's post-“Twilight” resurrection: Her indie career is no gimmick, and no surprise

Community Discussion: How do we end coal?

Polo not just for rich and famous, college players say

Dove's dirty, "beautiful" scam: Why the brand's new viral ad is so patronizing

Upon further review: Inside the police failure to stop Darren Sharper's rape spree

This is how we avoid climate catastrophe: The simple -- yet radical -- steps needed to solve California's water crisis

10 Things to Know for Today

Paul Krugman battles right-wing propaganda and finds a rare unicorn

Jon Hamm's frat boy hazing-horror details: "He rears back and hits me left-handed, and he hit me right over my right kidney"

“Louie” and the walking uterus: When ugly liberal entitlement and surrogate pregnancy collide

Senate Dems' Iran trap: Why congressional review would sabotage a nuclear deal

Report: Hillary Clinton to announce 2016 presidential bid Sunday afternoon

"He bravely said...nothing": Rachel Maddow blasts Rand Paul for silence on Walter Scott shooting

Jon Stewart slams Kansas for insane right-wing agenda — eliminating gun safety and bullying the poor

7 remarkably cruel instances of class warfare in America

Elizabeth Warren explains to Jon Stewart just how broken the system is: "The rich and the powerful do better and better"

Rand Paul's horrible week: Why this was one of the worst campaign roll-outs in recent memory

The most "filthy, obscene and objectionable" SNL sketches of all time

Jon Hamm, real-life mad man? His dark frat boy past, and a shocking college incident, catches up with him

The end has come for "Mamma Mia"

"It started as a righteous traffic stop": Geraldo Rivera's absurd rationalization of Walter Scott killing

The NRA's open-carry clustermuck: How its annual convention highlights the hypocrisy of the pro-gun movement

David Brooks, wrong again: What "religious freedom" proponents don't understand about the Constitution

Comedy-club owner blasts Sarah Silverman for "absolutely false" pay-gap accusation

Amsterdam sex workers protest "clean up" of notorious Red Light District

Anti-vaxxers are waging war on our rights: Here's what they get backwards about individual choice

Amy Schumer officially declares 2015 "the year of the ass"

You Must Hear This! Alice Clark's "I Keep It Hid"

"Hannity" guest bails on offensive Walter Scott segment: "I am not going to sit here and listen to this hate!"

The war-hungry GOP's "patriotic" bullies: The truth about its obsession with American exceptionalism

Rand Paul's big gun grift: What's really behind his feud with the NRA

"It was like a joyride for the cops to do this to him": Officers beat and Tase man for stealing a horse

Hillary Clinton's lessons from Richard Nixon: What his winning 1968 race can teach her about image and comebacks

Hillary Clinton steps into the light: Now she'll finally have to act like a presidential candidate

Construction crane falls on museum — and everyone just assumes it is art

Rand Paul just walked out of an interview after being pressed on a question

"Gary would love to to be the first lady": Tony Hale on "Veep," "Arrested Development" and evolving beyond Buster Bluth

McMugging the middle class: How corporate welfare conquered the American economy

Scott Walker appointee: We shouldn't try to reduce emissions because volcanoes

Gay conversion therapy is abuse

Gay marriage could lead to "civil war": The Christian right's latest bigoted theory

White America's racial illiteracy: Why our national conversation is poisoned from the start

"She was wronged by the jail system": The infuriating case of a woman allegedly forced to give birth alone on a toilet

Anne Lamott shares all that she knows: "Everyone is screwed up, broken, clingy, and scared"

Ted Cruz: Gay community is waging a "jihad" against people of faith

Here's how we defeat the science deniers: Even wingnuts learn that reality is good business

Is "Jurassic World" sexist?

While the superbug crisis grows, the meat industry is using more human antibiotics than ever