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Satanists sue Missouri for religious exemption to antiabortion law: "Religious liberty isn’t theirs alone"

Death of the Bin Laden propaganda machine: Seymour Hersh, “Zero Dark Thirty” and the myths of an assassination

Supreme Court's grand ruse ends: Finally, Americans see the justices for the political hacks they are

Glenn Beck lashes out at Michelle Obama for speaking about her experience with racism: "White people in droves went out to vote for you!"

Seymour Hersh vs. Judy Miller: The truth about Bin Laden's death -- and the anonymous government sources The New York Times is delighted to print as "truth"

"Henry arranges a family reunion" and 9 other hilariously misleading "Mad Men" episode descriptions, translated

The Hillary Clinton paradox: Progressives can't trust her -- and that's a good thing

"I clap my hands twice. You feel no fear": The crazy guru who might have cured my fear of flying

"Mad Men" failed its black women — and squandered those opportunities to tell a richer story

Seymour Hersh, Kathryn Bigelow and the problem with "Zero Dark Thirty": "We're getting the myth of history before getting the actual history"

The hookup generation got outdone by the boomers: Why do millennials have fewer sex partners than their parents?

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10 Things to Know for Tuesday

Mom plans to sue after autistic daughter removed from plane

The psychology of greed: 3 attitudes that explain the worst behaviors of the 1 percent

America bombs sex ed: Why our kids deserve so much better

Robert Reich: How to fix the economy -- step No. 2

"Sea level rise rates are speeding up": The terrifying threat facing coastal cities

US OK'd most Bill Clinton speech requests within days

Former CIA officer sentenced to 3½ years in Iran leaks case

We're boring our kids in school: This easy reform will actually help them learn

The NRA's sinister project: Turn America into a "shoot first" society

The New York Times claims BDS is the reason for "a wedge between Jews and minorities" on campus

The delicate flowers of Wall Street: Financial titans warn Hillary to be mindful of their feelings

Ann Coulter uses Michelle Obama speech as jump-off point to give her own hilariously wrong history of race in America

Jon Stewart uncovers the startling truth about UK media: "They've contracted a devastating case of 'CNN-itis'!"

Fox News contributor thinks Michelle Obama should have thanked Affirmative Action in Tuskegee speech

Allen West claims “Sharia law is coming to Walmart” -- and is proven wrong by his own editor

From Piper and Alex’s raunchy sex scene to Pornstache’s mom: Everything we know about "Orange is the New Black" season 3

Mark Halperin, media clown for the ages: Grading the horserace reporter's Ted Cruz apology

Louis CK drops a truth bomb on Seth Meyers: "You’ll never know how much they hate you"

The vindication of Edward Snowden: How a new court decision cements the whistle-blower's legacy

Is Christianity toast? New report shows sharp decline in Americans who identify as Christian

Amy Poehler on being a woman in comedy: "I have these meetings with really powerful men and they ask me all the time, 'Where are your kids?'"

Howard Stern skewers Jay Leno right to David Letterman's face: Who needs that creep?

The GOP's Scientology strategy: How Charles Murray's perverse anti-government agenda has won over the American right

Jeb's bizarre "hard of hearing" defense: Did he really "mishear" Megyn Kelly's Iraq question?

How the NYPD became George Orwell's worst nightmare

The 10 biggest lies you've been told about the Trans-Pacific Partnership

US stocks move lower amid bond market volatility

Pope Francis vs. American imperialism: Catholicism, death squads, and the martyrdom of Óscar Romero

Fox News host doesn't see great need for Title IX protections because "girls are better at fundraising"

Has Jennifer Rubin woken up? Pundit warns GOP 2016 lineup looks like "haven for the unhinged"

Our deranged, amoral football obsession is killing us: Brain damage, accused rapists, convicted murders -- now Tom Brady and the "integrity of the game"

Americans can't tell what healthy children look like anymore

Simmer down Fox News: UCSD professor explains that students are not required to get naked to pass his class after parent complains

Audience at GOP summit cheers when woman calls immigrants "rats and roaches"

Chris Christie plants a big, wet kiss on the 1 percent: Why his awful tax proposal is a massive giveaway to the rich

Jerry Seinfeld is not impressed with Jimmy Kimmel's "gentlemanly" act of showing a rerun during Letterman finale

"The magnitude of falsity is enormous": Federal judge rips into banks implicated in 2008 collapse

"Hollywood is a cesspool of misogyny and racism. Bring on the lawsuits": Why the ACLU's bold action is so necessary

ALEC's big lie: Scott Walker's pseudo-science, austerity without end, and the truth about right-wing governors and the economy

Dudebros yelling at the camera: Your "F her in the P" heckling days are over

Rolling Stone's UVA drama isn't over yet: Dean sues magazine over campus rape story

I'm Christian and happy that atheism is on the rise: America's right-wing theocracy needs to chill

AMERICA SURVIVES with Joanna Rothkopf, pt. 1: How to survive a plane crash

"Where is my f*cking jetpack?" It's right here -- along with a few other things that prove we're already living in the future