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Libertarian superstar Ayn Rand defended Native American genocide: "Racism didn't exist in this country until the liberals brought it up"

Laura Ingraham and Fox News have a dumb new lie (that sounds a lot like one of their greatest hits)

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4 outlandish things our ancestors used as lube

"Evil Dead" meets "Jane Eyre" in Guillermo del Toro's "Crimson Peak," a lurid meta-Gothic ghost story

It's not easy being a black Tarantino fan: He wants to be treated like a black filmmaker — and doesn't get why that's impossible

Putin might be right on Syria: The actual strategy behind his Middle East push -- and why the New York Times keeps obscuring it

Atheism deserves better than Richard Dawkins: "Secular fundamentalism" is actively hurting the movement

Bernie's anti-capitalist triumph: The real winners of the Democratic debate were progressives

I was raped -- and now I can finally admit it

Here's how the left wins in 2016: Why retaking the Senate is crucial for the progressive agenda

Mitch McConnell's debt limit bluff: The Senate leader knows he has no leverage, but he has to pretend

"They're letting too many Orcs into this country. Just takin' work away from hard working wizards"

Larry Wilmore slams Jim Webb for ugly #BlackLivesMatter answer: "The situation of African Americans?!"

Trevor Noah's Bernie Sanders impression: "If I hear one more person say emails, so help me, I'm gonna kick them in the d*ck!"

Feminism makes the world safer and richer: New U.N. report confirms

Why Congress is about to make it way harder to protect your personal data

Donald Trump claims it's "very possible" the Democratic National Committee rigged the CNN debate

Donald Trump supporters spit on immigration activist as rally turns violent

"Black Lies Matter" Sheriff to Hannity: Democratic candidates playing "plantation politics" by "whoring for black votes"

Former Arizona GOP chairman "wins" the award for most racist Democratic debate tweet

"These duplicative, unnecessary, unfair laws": How our justice system denies ex-offenders a second chance

GOP's Benghazi truth serum: Another Republican congressman admits it's all about taking down Hillary Clinton

"Homeland" accidentally aired subversive Arabic graffiti saying "Homeland is racist"

Rand Paul's disgraceful solution to LGBT workplace discrimination: Stay in the closet

Dennis Hastert goes down: Ex-speaker will plead guilty in hush-money case

Prison inmates recorded the most amazing album in 1979: "The guard was at the door saying, 'Y’all got to go, y’all got to go'"

Bernie Sanders truthers, step down: There's no conspiracy to hide that he "won" the debate

Rand Paul's moronic views on LGBT discrimination: Go ahead and get fired for being gay, "there are plenty of places that will hire you"

The resurrection of the "liberal": How the right tried to destroy American liberalism — and how it came back from the dead

Did Trevor Noah steal Dave Chappelle's joke? Noah's bit on the "racism connoisseur" is too close for comfort

Nobody likes Chris Christie: He's polling at 5 percent in his own state

Mike Huckabee just endorsed "biblical" slavery over the modern prison system

The media's big Benghazi test: Will they get snookered (again) by the discredited outfit's leaks?

Jeb Bush endorses Newt Gingrich's moon colony dreams: "I think it’s pretty cool”

There's a new Edward Snowden: Terrifying abuses of drone program exposed by anonymous government whistleblower

6 commercials that shamelessly exploit '80s nostalgia to sell us stuff

Exclusive clip: Go inside the making of Green Day's "American Idiot" with the new film "Heart Like a Hand Grenade"

WATCH: Seth MacFarlane introduces Bernie Sanders with a bizarre Bill Cosby joke

WATCH: "I'm not resisting!": The brutal arrest of a black teen for using an ATM while black

America's police misconduct nightmare: How the law shields cops from accountability

"Where you been running from?": Watch officers try to detain Alabama man for jogging at night while black

Guilty of being black in a white world: Jogging, driving, walking, shopping, eating while black

The shocking new right-wing revolt: How conservatives, anti-choicers and white supremacists turned on "political correctness"

A Trump-sized temper tantrum: The Donald threatens to boycott the next GOP debate if demands aren't met

Remember Leelah Alcorn: It's time to ban "conversion therapy" for LGBT youth in all 50 states

"Every president has been manipulated by national security officials": David Talbot exposes America's "deep state"

Death of the Reagan revolution: Why the Southern Strategy is beginning to come undone

Hillary Clinton often boasts about helping children, but she betrayed them as First Lady

Louisiana's nasty Bobby Jindal hangover: GOP failure is giving new life to Democrats in the unlikeliest of places