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Blood for oil: U.S. State Dept. calls Bahrain's tyrannical monarchy a "close, valued partner," thanks it for oil

Put gay people to death? Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal and Mike Huckabee to speak at Iowa "religious liberty" conference led by noxious right-wing radio host

Tom Cruise’s nightmare Scientology wedding: Leah Remini opens up about her "reprogramming" after the Cruise-Holmes nuptials

"Salon, f**k off": Salon staffers read some of their most colorful hate mail

The wingnut myth that refuses to die: The one simple reason why there's no "liberal media conspiracy"

Ralph Nader, epic mansplainer, tells Janet Yellen to listen to her husband

Donald Trump's sexist garbage continues: His latest name-calling rant shows exactly how little he thinks of women

John Oliver just brilliantly made this election a matter of life and death

This is what a misogynist pig sounds like: 6 of Donald Trump's most sexist moments

"HoodsOff 2015" in full effect as Anonymous publishes the names of KKK members — including four sitting US senators

The most "Hunger Games" thing ever is a "Hunger Games" theme park — and it's happening

Abortion and "Jane the Virgin": Ultimately, giving birth is the one choice that matters on this show

U.S. military blew $43 million on "world's most expensive gas station" in Afghanistan

The GOP is digging its own grave: How their debate tantrum hastens the party's demise

The "Homeland" is Israel now: How Showtime's uneven spy drama found itself again

"It's like being on ecstasy": The orgasm no one talks about

Jeb Bush is the most boring man alive: What's worse than getting a "reply-all" email? Reading an entire book of Jeb's

GamerGate rides again: Corporate arrogance just turned SXSW's "big tent" into a three-ring circus

Robert Reich: Wall Street has this whole game rigged

This is how it ends for Jeb: "He's like a thoroughbred begging to be put out of his misery"

I wasn't supposed to get breast cancer

Renewable energy doesn't mean clean energy: The European accounting error that's warming the planet

The astounding blunders of Jeb Bush: An autopsy of 2016's most overhyped campaign

Watch: Republican candidates can't stop talking about Hillary Clinton

Relax, America, Syrian refugees won't be hijacking your way of life

This is what progressive leadership looks like: Why Obama's latest moves point criminal justice reform in a better direction

"Phones down, don't shoot": Trevor Noah calls bullsh*t on the FBI's "Ferguson Effect" lie

This is why Bush is losing: "Hotmail Jeb" can't fix this mess of a campaign

Donald Trump on escalating his feud with John Oliver: "I don't like to let things die"

President Obama mercilessly mocks GOP's debate demands: How can they handle Putin if they can't handle CNBC moderators?

Megyn Kelly mocks insecure GOP candidates for their mob-style "family meeting": "What do they want, a foot massage?"

Rand Paul's absolutely cringeworthy Soul Food Sit-Down with Larry Wilmore may be the most awkward 6 minutes of television ever

There's one big problem with Jeb Bush's comeback attempt: It's called "Jeb Bush"

Marco Rubio's meritocracy myth: Helping corporations slash salaries and pocket the profits in the name of the "American dream"

Naked plutocracy laid bare: The Koch brothers aren't even camouflaging their political influence

“Ku Klux Klan you should have expected us": Watch this video for a brief history of the beef between Anonymous and the KKK

Sean Hannity's scummy new low: Giving a platform to Quentin Tarantino's estranged father to bash his son

Republican voters have lost their damned minds: They trust Ben Carson the most with nuclear weapons

The next "Game of Thrones" is coming: Philip Pullman's epic fantasy series "His Dark Materials" is a natural fit for TV

They all fear real questions. Problem is, a gutless media isn't asking them

The GOP primary jumped the shark: How Republicans' debate freakout revealed them for the babies they are

The corporate religion of Carly Fiorina: Inside the hyper-capitalist worldview that ignores our very recent history

"The genie is out of the bottle": Why San Francisco's Airbnb backlash won't chill the sharing economy

Robin Williams’ widow opens up about his suicide: "It was not depression that killed Robin"

Poor Jeb! For the first time ever, a majority of Republicans say they could never back Bush

Quit it with the secret KKK rumors! Modern-day racism doesn't come in a hood

Charles Koch's power trip: Billionaire libertarian sees no problem in buying the sort of government he prefers

Get excited: Jon Stewart is coming back to TV

The Kochs have already won: How their billions remade the GOP in their own image