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Look Again: The day's most compelling images from around the globe

BULLSH**TER OF THE DAY: Mark Halperin, for his backward take on the Trump campaign's voter suppression strategy

Lawyer accuses Justice Clarence Thomas of groping her in 1999

"Dear cult members, I love you": Elon Musk annouces new goals for Tesla and talks smack about competitors

Walmart is shortening holiday lines by adding temporary "holiday helpers"

More than a real cool time: Jim Jarmusch's "Gimme Danger" is essential viewing for Stooges fans

"Insecure" in the workplace: Issa Rae nails the frustrations of being black at the office

Moon Juice's haute healing: What aspirational lifestyle diet books are really selling

Breaking: "It takes great moral courage for me to now endorse Hillary Clinton for President!": The Greatest Living American Writer

Jason Chaffetz and Ted Cruz's GOP obstructionism may be worse than Donald Trump's insanity

Making a killing under Obamacare: The ACA gets blamed for rising premiums, while insurance companies are reaping massive profits

The GOP's "Walking Dead": Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz is the latest proof the Republicans are a zombie party

Federal judge wants to know why Florida hasn't registered 25,000 people who applied to vote

An insult to FDR: Donald Trump's proposed "New Deal" for Black America is an affront to Roosevelt's civil rights legacy

Will Donald Trump's uprising go global — even if he loses?

#CrimingWhileWhite: Twitter users angry about Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy not guilty verdict

North Carolina purged a 100-year-old black woman from the voter rolls

Michael Moore: Donald Trump didn't quote me fully

WATCH: Marco Rubio can't bring himself to say bad things about Donald Trump

WATCH: Donald Trump says he wants to clean up the "ghettos"

Republicans aren't sure if they want to fill that vacant Supreme Court seat at all

Donald Trump isn't giving money to his campaign and neither are his kids

WATCH: Someone finally gives Fox News' Jesse Watters a taste of his own medicine

Why the U.S. and western countries could be bluffing about military intervention in Syria

First his dog dies, then his plane skids at LaGuardia, but Mike Pence is "freaking unflappable"

Good Samaritan Donald Trump Jr. helps someone stranded on the side of the road

Trump University staff included a child molester and a cocaine trafficker

Could razing Adolf Hitler’s first home in Austria backfire? Possibly, and here's why

DNC chair Donna Brazile passed a debate question to Hillary Clinton's campaign in March, evidence suggests

Donald Trump's "secret voters" is the 2016 edition of the "unskew the polls" argument (which was wrong)

Mark Kirk apologizes to Tammy Duckworth for insults over Thai heritage in Illinois Senate debate (video)

Donald Trump is still making a lot of money off his presidential campaign

Donald Trump is grumpy — and sending misspelled warnings to Republicans with "week knees"

FBI announces it will review more of Hillary Clinton's emails

Amazon may be taking over the world — but it's not hitting its earning projections

Clarence Thomas thinks Washington is "broken"

And the future of VR will be shaped by ... Microsoft?!

Texas Republicans to Ted Cruz: We like Donald Trump better

Donald Trump promises to donate $100 million to his campaign, instead donates $10 million

Game on: With PlayStation Vue, Sony makes a play for cord-cutters and the streaming TV market

12 accusers and counting: Former Miss Finland says Donald Trump sexually assaulted her

FBI's letter about Clinton's emails involves investigation into Anthony Weiner