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NASA spots 54 potentially life-friendly planets

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Match.com buys OkCupid to spread the love

Mark Kirk doesn't support regulating carbon anymore, because Al Gore got divorced

AIG CEO: Liberals are deadbeats

Does oral sex really cause cancer?

We interrupt our usual programming ...

GOPer: "I can't tell you" if I'm carrying a gun

A mortgage broker with no apologies

Powerful cyclone strikes Australia's northeast

New York City bans smoking in parks and, well, basically everywhere

Beck: Losing his viewers, maybe his mind?

GOP loses health care repeal vote

Mourning a husband who has not yet passed

"You Know When the Men Are Gone": The secret anguish of military wives

Prague as theme park. Plus: Cairo!

Racial identity no longer a "black" and "white" issue

"Sanctum": James Cameron presents an underwater cave thriller

The Daily whoa?

Steven Colbert compares Cairo to Jersey Shore

Meet Mubarak's American fan club

Gunfire erupts in Cairo's streets

McCain says the time for Mubarak to leave has come

Japan gripped by sumo match-fixing scandal

Terror, ruin but no deaths in huge Australia storm

Koch brothers, Christian chicken-sellers besieged by thuggish liberal criticism

Vodafone: Egypt forced us to send text messages

Giffords' husband faces troubling predicament

What makes Matt LeBlanc's new show so good

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Bill O'Reilly wonders where the moon came from

Egyptian army starts rounding up journalists

Eyewitness account: The brutality of "pro-Mubarak protesters"

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Introducing The Real Reagan

The divisive underbelly of Reagan's sunny optimism

Egypt V.P. blames foreigners for fueling protests

Donald Rumsfeld was right about everything, book by Rumsfeld claims

Italy's parliament backs Berlusconi in sex scandal