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21-year-old Bangladeshi man arrested in FBI sting

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The Pirate Bay becomes raid-proof

Militias "executed" Gadhafi loyalists

Ann: Hillary is "doing a great job"

Arizona's National Guard shoots the homeless with paintballs

Conservatives pressure Tennessee GOPer to step down

What we know (and don't know) about the Benghazi terror attack

Paul Broun may get a write-in challenger: Charles Darwin

AFA spokesman's public humbling

Where are gay rights in this election?

Weird news: Highway reopens after massive chicken spill

Violent crime in U.S. is up by 18 percent

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When we all shaved our heads

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I'm going crazy in my job

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Kochs to workers: Vote Mitt or else!

Meningitis death toll rises

Judge expected to rule in Bible verse banner suit

Official proposes bullet tax to curb Chicago crime

Ai Weiwei, Pussy Riot on art world power list

Royal wedding gives Luxembourg turn in spotlight

Study: Rise in discrimination charges on Capitol Hill

Must-see morning clip

Obama's nine best shots at Romney

This thing's not over yet

University of Phoenix to phase out 115 campuses

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Pakistan: America's enemy in the making

"The Hobbit" uncut, at last

Details emerge about Federal Reserve attempted bomber

Romney's tax plan still nowhere close to adding up

Is Minnie too skinny?

Baby elephant rescue

Newsweek off the presses and into the ether

Boy Scouts "perversion files" to be released

Dem representative apologizes for calling opponent "lowlife scumbag"

Insider trader: I don't need to go to prison

Amazon customers review "Binders full of Women"

Whittaker Chambers relative: Farm need not be open to public

Another federal court strikes down DOMA

Leaked memo from Reddit CEO: "We will not ban legal content"

Clashes during Greek general strike

Uruguay approves abortion law

Tagg Romney: Mr. White Privilege

Google shares see huge drop

Mitt's "sketchy" plan for economic growth

Suspected 9/11 mastermind calls U.S. worse killer

Weird news: Elk relocated after having sex with cow in public

"The Girl": Hitchcock's off-camera creep factor

Bardem: I’ll say “whatever the hell I think is right”