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Internet giants push back against CISPA

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Lights out: 10 shows that ended too soon

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My friend the Iraqi

I froze up in the writers' room

Rockets strike southern Israel hours before Obama's West Bank arrival

Steubenville rapists can be saved

House expected to pass budget plan with deep cuts

Obama: Israel settlements don't advance "cause of peace"

Private sector parasites

Bill O'Reilly slams Bachmann on Obama "perks"

Book industry getting greener, study says

American Academy of Pediatrics: Gay marriage helps kids

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt gets jail time for ties to Mumbai bombing

Parents of Newtown victims meet with killer's father

Amazon to build CIA cloud

Republicans still don't like gay marriage very much

Must-see morning clip: Jay Leno takes another jab at NBC execs

North Korea threatens U.S. bases in the Pacific

Hacker releases more paintings by George W. Bush

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Andrew Cuomo already wants to change his gun law

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Obama in Israel: Settlements "counterproductive" to peace

State Department hid oil industry ties in Keystone XL report

Mormon women may lead prayer for first time at LDS General Conference

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Big Soda: We're not mass killers

Eighth grade child shoots self dead at school

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Is gun control racist?

Australian radio host asks victim if sexual abuse might have been her fault

Shipbreaking: World's most dangerous job?

BP edited its own environmental record on Wikipedia

Jason Bateman: "Arrested Development" will be a "choose your own adventure"

Without honeybees, we may cease to be

GOP will never reach women

Doctors prescribe a dose of marriage equality

Second cop confirms NYPD arrest quotas

"How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia": Poor boy makes good

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Twitter mocks Saxby Chambliss

Twitter co-founder: Hacking not necessarily a crime

Pat Robertson: Beware of "scamsters in religious garb"

Is a not-so-grand bargain back?