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California Rim Fire

What the California Rim Fire looks like from space

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Largest fast food strike ever today: 58 cities will be affected

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"Mini human brains" grown from stem cells

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4 of the worst arguments for invading Syria yet

Study confirms haters gonna hate

Calm down, liberals: GOP will not win the debt limit fight

Dumbest celebrity Kickstarter yet?

11 over-the-top U.S. police raids that victimized innocents

First "Sharknado," now sharks that can walk

AP sources: Intelligence on weapons no 'slam dunk'

Predator drone now part of Calif. wildfire battle

Thanks to millennials, driving is no longer a thing

Must-see morning clip: Natasha Leggero roasts Jay Leno

The US is building a bioweapons lab in Kazakhstan

Female security force shortage may keep Afghan women from voting

White supremacist gang members busted in Portland

The antiwar caucus, back together

How Twitter avoided the New York Times cyber attack

McDonald's can't even make veggie wraps healthy

Rumsfeld: Syria attack not yet justified

Overlooked debacle overseas: U.S. drone strikes are ratcheting up

This three-and-a-half story home was built in 24 hours

Ken Cuccinelli pretends to support basic reproductive health care

Skype to develop 3D video calls

Aziz Ansari to release stand-up special on Netflix

It's "Twilight": YA movies are totally over!

Probe launched into NYPD Muslim spying

Matt Damon making directorial debut with "Argo" screenwriter

No, pandas are not a "hopeless and wasteful species"

The "cuddle mattress" will help you cuddle if you are having a difficult time cuddling

How much money can you get for selling your organs?

Two detainees transferred from Gitmo, 164 remain

A wingnut for everyone! Every fringe group gets its Republican politician

An inane, money-eating sham: Drug tests for welfare a huge failure

How technology has helped us recover from natural disaster

Fukushima radiation set to hit the U.S. by 2014

How right wing conspiracy theories found a home in Egypt

"The grittiness of New York and its diversity is at risk"

Nearly a fifth of scientists are considering abandoning the U.S.

How is Whole Foods thriving in Detroit?

CERN laboratory to host first stand-up comedy night

A party full of rodeo clowns: GOP flips the bird to racial justice

Pennsylvania: Gay people can't get married for the same reasons children can't get married

Johnny Manziel, trailblazer: The NCAA is a total joke, again

Intelligence "black budget" reveals vast CIA funding for surveillance, collection

Feds step down on marijuana legalization

NFL, ex-players agree to $765M settlement in concussions suit

Katie Roiphe's wrong -- counting women matters

Secret Service visits Maine man for threatening Obama

The truth behind GOP's immigration reform sabotage

Clinton's line was true: The sad facts about assault weapons and voting

"Wallflower at the Orgy": Nora Ephron on the '60s

Saudi Arabia passes its first-ever anti-domestic violence law

IRS to recognize all gay marriages for federal tax purposes

Manning lawyer: Chelsea is doing well

Future wildfire seasons will be bigger, longer and smokier