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Second Grand Canyon discovered beneath Greenland's ice sheet

China cracks down on independent film

Man trying to turn tiny North Dakota town into colony for white supremacists

Must-see morning clip: Bill Murray returns to Letterman for 20 year anniversary

Tom Corbett apologizes for state lawyers who compared married gay couples to children

U.S. military brass wary of Syria plan

Hip-hop remix of "Othello" strikes a chord with prison inmates

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U.K. police given extended authority to investigate Miranda data

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People are paying thousands for "haute" veggies

First lawsuit to cite stop-and-frisk ruling filed

Sly Stone planning comeback with all-albino band

Facebook is adding profile pictures to its facial recognition technology

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Why sex with presidents is so hot right now

Hawaiian Airlines to replace flight entertainment system with iPad minis

BP accuses Louisiana leaders of "political grandstanding" over Gulf oil spill

Nike's newest store is made of garbage

The Navy is considering blowing up dolphins

No one wants it, but we'll have a little war anyway

Syrian civilians stock up in fear of U.S.-led attack

Dave Chappelle walks off stage in response to hecklers

Now you can Rent-a-Wife for $40 an hour

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