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Peer-reviewed, non-partisan academic study finds that the EPA emissions rule will save thousands of lives

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"Should we get rid of all the Jews?": Megyn Kelly accuses Bill O'Reilly of "catering to the jihadis"

Chris Brown finishes probation -- then punches someone at a basketball game

ISIS claims responsibility for Texas cartoon attack, but experts are wary

Jeremy Renner won't stop calling Black Widow a "slut": "I’m unapologetic about a lot of things"

Charlie Hebdo cartoonists distance magazine from Texas shooting: "There is absolutely no comparison"

Congress' despicable war on working women: How our warped laws perpetuate discrimination

Ryan Gosling finally ate his cereal in moving tribute to deceased Vine creator

Scott Walker would like you to know that he's an intergalactic princess

Bill O'Reilly's racist, sexist stand-up comedy routine is maybe even worse that you'd expect

Fox News defends Ben Carson's hilarious early campaign blunders: "He's a surgeon — not a community organizer!"

Barack Obama & David Letterman plan their retirements together: "I would really like the idea of playing some dominoes with you"

Marvel doesn't seem excited about female superhero movies: "Very bad idea and the end result was very, very bad"

Stop blaming a "rabid feminist 'Avengers' backlash" for Joss Whedon's Twitter exit

South Carolina college student caught poisoning roommates' food -- could face 20 years in prison

Researchers link fracking to Pennsylvania drinking water contamination

Louis C.K. returns to film in the most "Louie" way possible: Playing a depressed, middle-aged rookie cop

Oh, the places these bigots will go!: "The Daily Show" bids farewell to the "Hate Class of 2015"

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The era of (Bill) Clinton liberalism is over. What does that mean for Hillary and the Dems?

“They’re full of sh*t": Sex workers claim A&E exploited them for reality series "8 Minutes"

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Bill Nye reveals the science of racism: "We're all the same, from a scientific standpoint"

The truth about Operation Jade Helm is that some of you can’t handle the truth: Obama really isn't invading Texas

Fox News "Medical A-Team" member Keith Ablow: "Men should be able to veto women's abortions"

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