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New report accuses Bill O'Reilly of domestic violence against ex-wife

"Climate denial does best in the dark": A Democratic senator breaks down the GOP's global-warming clustermuck

Anderson Cooper explains the point of ClickHole by totally missing the point of ClickHole

"I wanted a discharge before I ended up dead": Military victims of sexual violence fear for their lives while rapists walk free

Stephen Colbert warns graduates: Fight racism and climate change or prepare to live in a "Mad Max"-style dystopia

What segregation looks like in "post-racial" America

Business Highlights

"Mad Men" alternate endings: "What are you doing, Stan?" Peggy whispered...

Ukrainian robots, Latvian pirates, so many wacky hats: The American's guide to the Eurovision Song Contest

“I’ll vote to indict if that gets us out of here faster”: Horrifying tales from inside the grand jury room

Jay Z's war on the oligarchy: Hip-hop's biggest star gets radical in the age of Baltimore & Ferguson

Jon Hamm exclusive: "Don Draper" reacts to "Mad Men" finale debate, offers his interpretation of ending

State Dept. plans release of Clinton emails by next January

The Christian right is losing women: Why more and more are embracing non-belief

11 times David Letterman humiliated the right

10 Things to Know for Today

"Mad Men's" California: Hippies, real estate agents, and a place where even Pete can get laid

EXCLUSIVE: Rula Jebreal speaks out against Bill Maher and Ayaan Hirsi Ali: "The world is proving you wrong, my friends"

America's elites are leaving it to die: TPP, Baltimore, Amtrak & the deteriorating fabric of a nation

12 worst ideas religion has unleashed on the world: Conflict, cruelty and suffering -- not love and peace

Another TPP lie exposed: How Medicare is getting stiffed in Obama's massive trade deal

David Letterman staffer: Madonna was so high the night she dropped 14 F-bombs

Rand Paul's Iraq problem: Jeb Bush & Marco Rubio have company in GOP's hall of shame

You're fired!: Thanks a lot, Facebook

"It was a toe-to-toe, behind-the-scenes battle": Inside the war over the CIA torture report

Chris Christie: New Jersey voters say they don't think I would be a good president because they want me to stay

David Letterman and Tom Hanks prove it's never too late to pick up a selfie stick

Rachel Maddow slams Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio's half-assed Iraq answers: "They weren't duped by the CIA!"

Fox News did a great job of not talking about the Bill O'Reilly domestic violence allegations last night

Eddie Vedder serenades David Letterman with one last, moody performance

Rape in Westeros: What "Game of Thrones" could learn from "Mad Max: Fury Road"

6 things you need to know about Waco's deadly clash between biker gangs

The GOP's despicable scheme to play dumb on Iraq: A history lesson for Rubio & Jeb

Here's how the White House plans to save our imperiled honeybees

Students sue Florida college for allegedly forcing in-class transvaginal ultrasounds

Jimmy Fallon chokes up in Letterman goodbye: "We looked to him to say something"

Fox News’ legal expert can’t believe Obama wants to curb police militarization

David Letterman's brilliant vulnerability: He has always been "naked and afraid" behind that trademark smirk

Alleged rape survivor Emma Sulkowicz carries mattress to graduation

Twitter responds to the president's new account with stream of racist vitriol

Salon's Michael Stipe exclusive: "Looking back is something I'm not that good at"

Local fracking bans are officially banned in Texas

David Brooks' sickening Iraq apologia: How the New York Times hack just rewrote history

AP PHOTOS: Top pictures from Europe and Africa

Bill O'Reilly will never pay: Why domestic abuse allegations won't faze Fox News

The most sexist and degrading "Bachelorette" to date: This season is definitely not here for the right reasons

Chris Christie humiliates himself on Fox News: Why his "they want me to stay" howler is a load of BS

Snoop Dogg's voting for Hillary: America needs "a perspective other than the male’s train of thought"

David Letterman's right-hand man Paul Shaffer gets candid: "What am I going to do with myself every day?"

The science of "Steggy": ’Shipping TV characters scratches these two biological itches

GOP congressman feels safer in Israel than in “certain parts" of New York City and Chicago

Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill gives up on "Game of Thrones" over "gratuitous" rape scene

Christina Hendricks is "Mad" about technology in her "Sesame Street" appearance

The 6 best sex scenes from "Bachelorette" host Chris Harrison's romance novel: "His body and hers curled around the epicenter of pleasure"

Simon Pegg has a Franzen moment: Book criticism needs a poptimist revolution to take down genre snobs

Please let David Letterman go: From "Mad Men" to "Sopranos," our obsession with endings gets everything backwards

"Our state is really suffering": How an HIV crisis led (some) Republicans to see the light on needle exchanges

When "harshtags" backfire: Mocking #whitegirltears and joking #killallwhitemen stir up more university debate

"The result of the breakdown of the white biker family": #WacoThugs perfectly encapsulates what's wrong with response to Waco shooting

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