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This mile-long, floating device is taking on the ocean's plastic pollution

More reasons to hate Amazon: Ursula Le Guin is right about their model of books as commodities "written fast, sold cheap, dumped fast"

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Figures on government spending and debt

ALEC responds to investigative report: "Fundamental misunderstanding"

North Carolina forces through anti-whistleblower "ag-gag" law

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence sends welcome letter to Indy Pride festival -- but he left something out

Michelle Duggar tells Megyn Kelly she "feels like a failure" in exclusive Fox sneak peek

George R.R Martin fires back at critics of sexual violence on "Game of Thrones": "I don’t think we should pretend it doesn’t exist"

We are the propagandists: The real story about how The New York Times and the White House has turned truth in the Ukraine on its head

Inside the passionate "girl-topia" of BookCon: Where authors are rock stars and geek-chic girls rule

A nude cruise brought us closer

Inside Brian Wilson's room: The famed Beach Boy opens up about mental illness, medication, manipulation and the movie about his life

Live-blogging the inevitably insane Duggar family interview with Megyn Kelly

Twitter erupts as Duggars sit with Megyn Kelly for horrifying interview

Pipeline that spilled oil on California coast badly corroded

What marijuana really does to your brain

GOP's obscene sex-cop hypocrisy: Dennis Hastert, Hillary and the absurdity of the Clinton impeachment

Birth of a prison state: The bipartisan disaster that put America behind bars

The CIA's forgotten whistleblower: Meet the man who exposed America's torture policy in Vietnam

The media's most destructive meme: Why we need to admit that the GOP's extremism is virtually unprecedented

The 1 percent's "centrist" propaganda war: Why Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren are so threatening to the establishment

Governor "Oops" is back: Rick Perry returns for another wild goose chase

10 Things to Know for Today

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar tell Megyn Kelly there was no need to seek outside help because Josh "has a tender conscience"

The 1 percent is right! Here's how education could reduce inequality

Silicon Valley moguls aren't going to save the arts: The ugly truths of patronage go back centuries

Brian Stelter on the Duggars: "They're trying to go on the offensive"

Howard Kurtz: The Duggar scandal reveals why we need more bigoted conservatives in our national media

Shocker! Even Fox News' resident quack Keith Ablow says Josh Duggar is a pedophile

Jon Stewart exposes the gross and blatant inequality Muslim Americans face every day

Ted Cruz mocks Joe Biden days after son's death, offers weak apology

A reminder for the Duggars: Sexual assault is still sexual assault when victims are sleeping

If Wes Anderson and Lars von Trier made a sitcom, it would look something like this strange Scandinavian comedy

Melissa McCarthy baffles Jon Stewart by showing up in a dress with his face tiled on it

The Duggars totally misrepresented their anti-LGBT robocall in Fox News interview

Pam Geller responds to reports she was Boston terror suspect's original target: They wanted to behead me "for violating Shariah law"

What about the Duggar girls? Michelle and Jim Bob's "dark time" all but ignores their daughters

Amy Schumer slays the Glamour Awards with hilarious NSFW speech: "I'm 160 lbs and I can catch a d**k any time I want"

Wesley Stace’s Cabinet of Wonders: The Podcast

Grim news for the class of 2015: Female college grads still earn far less than their male co-eds

The Most Extreme Menu Items of 2015

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's endorsements of Mike Huckabee scrubbed from his official presidential campaign website

Larry Wilmore skewers Mike Huckabee for disgusting trans joke: "Go f*ck yourself!"

"Jenner was really a prisoner of her own house": Vanity Fair writer opens up about "Call Me Caitlyn"

"I can say this because I was one of the victims": What Jill and Jessa Duggar's defense of their brother tells us about abuse

Alex Jones has a (predictably insane) Caitlyn Jenner conspiracy theory

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North Carolina's chilling new twist on "ag-gag"

Josh Duggar's victims deserve better: Voyeurism and torture porn only make their lives worse

Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”: “You have no interpersonal communication skills”

Why our chances of encountering alien life are so, so slim

Jason Alexander reveals the truth behind "Seinfeld's" iconic Susan death: The actress was "f**ing impossible” to work with

"It is a a ferocious tax on people’s feelings of safety": Congresswoman targets GamerGate-style online harassment

Barnard College to admit transgender women in fall of 2016

International Olympic Committee scoffs at petition demanding Caitlyn Jenner give back gold medal

"Entourage" and the problem of the critic-proof film: Is it silly to write seriously about movies like this?