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The Jam's Paul Weller on the music industry today: "I can’t think of any other job or art form where people don’t get paid for what they do"

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Ana Sofia Peláez: "Food is a way of telling our history"

4 horrible ways capitalism is slowly destroying us

7 reasons you should throw your chicken dinner in the garbage

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Robert Reich: Medicare isn't the problem -- it's the solution

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Hillary Clinton's big challenge: Here's how she matches this populist moment

Megyn Kelly on journalistic standards: Fox News hasn't "been proven wrong on every single subject"

Texas is ground zero for GOP's Obamacare civil war: Ted Cruz & Rick Perry can't agree on how to screw the poor

Ann Coulter vs. reality: "The Klan and Stormfront only have, like, seven members"

Bill O'Reilly jumps the shark: The Confederate flag represents "bravery in the Civil War"

Larry Wilmore shuts down media’s "n-word" frenzy: “You honestly think Obama was the first president" to say that word?

EXCLUSIVE: Rhett Miller's new video for "Most in the Summertime"

It's not Fox News' America anymore: Americans want a dialogue on race and gun violence after Charleston

"Does this offend you?": Don Lemon hits peak Don Lemon with giant n-word sign

Sustainability Podcast: Listen to what happened when Salon reporters ate bugs

No, I won’t praise Nikki Haley: It shouldn't have taken a massacre to do the right thing on the Confederate flag

"A bunch of stupid, transphobic bitches": "Orange Is The New Black" takes a devastating look at trans prison violence

Jon Stewart calls out Fox News for Charleston hypocrisy: It’s only “politicizing a tragedy” if Fox doesn’t like it

Last night's "Bachelorette" featured the most bizarre date in the show's history

After Charleston, Walmart dumps the Confederate flag: Can they stop selling guns next?

Threaten family planning, raise hell: #BirthControlHelpedMe challenges congressional lunacy

It's awful being Chris Christie: His approval rating just hit a record low -- and he's trailing Donald Trump

African American scholar: Whites should be able to use the n-word in contextually appropriate circumstances, just like Obama did

CNN guest: To remove the Confederate flag would be "cultural genocide"

Former Mississippi Governor repeatedly refuses to admit he has an opinion about the Confederate flag

The GOP's delusional Charleston outrage shows just how desperate it has become

We're still a nation of cowards: The Confederate flag, guns & a political class that barely functions

Maya Rudolph finally offers up the Rachel Dolezal impression everyone has been asking her for

Mexican artist designs Donald Trump piñata, invites fellow Mexicans to take a swing

Another attack on poor women: Texas ousts Planned Parenthood from cancer screening program

"The Bachelor" in the White House: Lindsey Graham's story is a reality show — or even a mystery novel — in the making

The "Duck Dynasty" American dream: A cynical self-parody of Southern whiteness, whistling Dixie while Jindal's Louisiana crumbles

GOP's Obamacare repeal effort hits major snag: Even their special math doesn't make the numbers work

"I'd like to buy the world a Coke" send-up highlights how terrible soda is for you

The war of Southern digression: Republican 2016 hopefuls sideline themselves on Confederate flag

David Brooks' baffling assessment of the pope's encyclical: Too much Christian love

TPP is closer to becoming reality: Here's what you need to know about today's Senate vote

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P. Diddy arrested for UCLA kettlebell assault

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