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"The Daily Show"’s desperate move: Bringing Jon Stewart back to give Trevor Noah a credibility bump

Top New Hampshire newspaper shreds Ted Cruz's "Texas Tough Guy act": "Tough talk is all he has to offer"

Quentin Tarantino isn't done protesting police brutality: "I want to go further with this" after "The Hateful Eight" opens

Key components of education bill headed for final approval

Enough with the starry-eyed "Imagine" nostalgia: Let's remember John Lennon without the illusions

Jeb Bush suggests that Trump's campaign is a Democratic false flag conspiracy after The Donald flirts with a third party bid, again

Lane Bryant's epic Twitter chat fail: “Their brand is to make fat people feel like they are our only choice"

Get ready to argue: This optical test is our new "the dress," but for politics

The South won the Civil War: White men, racial resentment, and how the Bitter Minority came to rule us all

Donald Trump's no leader — he's just the voice that the ugliest Americans have been dying for

"Tell me your ZIP code and I can tell you how healthy you are": Shouldn't the most accessible exercise of all be available to everyone?

Don't call him a cat whisperer: "My Cat From Hell" host Jackson Galaxy believes cats aren't nearly as mysterious as we think

White “Creed” fans, pay attention: This is not just another feel-good, underdog sports movie

Trump's dark victory: Even Republicans are speaking out against the Donald's hateful Mussolini parody. But can the damage be undone?

John Lackey, Chicago Cubs finalize $32M, 2-year contract

6 signs greed has destroyed American culture

"A skinny, ghetto crackhead": The Obama smears that won't get you suspended from Fox News

Robert Reich: America is now a full-scale oligarchy

6 reasons America is doomed to permanent war

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Jeb's tax deceit: A new report pulls the rug out from underneath GOP tax policy

6 celebrities who are moronic enough to support Trump

"The only way to stop Donald Trump is to destroy his Horcruxes": The internet loses its mind comparing Trump to Lord Voldemort

Stephen Colbert -- "Gollum expert" and Tolkien geek -- just saved a Turkish man's life with Lord of the Rings nerdery

Bernie Sanders curses out Donald Trump demagoguery: "That kind of crap is not going to work in the United States of America"

#sendDonaldtospace: Amazon's Jeff Bezos offers to launch Donald Trump into space — says nothing about return trip

Who holds the cards at COP21?: Major players in Paris seem to agree carbon pricing is essential -- so why isn't it on the menu?

The white man's ugly last stand: Race, money, fear -- and what Donald Trump's rise says about us

These are the mascots of the party of rage: How the NRA, white supremacists and anti-choice terrorists have all found a BFF in the GOP

What is "pharma-bro" Martin Shkreli spending his ill-gotten gains on? The only copy of the new Wu-Tang Clan album, "Once Upon a Time in Shaolin"

"You're not welcome here": Hate crimes against Muslims reach terrifying highs across Western Europe and the U.S.

Is America ready to use the term "fascist" in our political discourse? Rachel Maddow explores how Donald Trump has mainstreamed extremism

Donald Trump is running circles around the media: How it has failed to adapt to the reality of his dangerous campaign

These nuts really do dream of revolution: The right's frightening fantasy that blocks any action on guns

Wow, "The Daily Show" calls "gruesome" "racist maniac" Donald Trump "white ISIS"

Donald Trump Jr. on "Fox & Friends": My father's racism and xenophobia are "resonating with the people"

Twitter's sunny self-importance: Positive hashtag activism and pop stars only tell part of 2015's story

Ted Cruz's "sideshow" climate denialism hearing: Chris Hayes explains why Rush Limbaugh's fill-in just testified before the Senate

The all-American terror of Donald Trump: Inside the nightmare ideology that's made him a hero to white fundamentalists

"Stop the bullsh*t,” Donald Trump: Even an old buddy like Russell Simmons is disgusted with him now

Taylor Swift's victory over Spotify is near: The streaming service gets closer to admitting that "freemium" doesn't work

You don't have to like Farrah Abraham to believe her: Backlash against the reality star accusing James Deen of rape suggests we still want a "perfect" victim

Just give it up already! Fox News breaks out yet another Benghazi lie to give life to a long discredited conspiracy theory

The right-wing media's hilarious response to Donald Trump's fascism: It's all Obama's fault!

Sam Harris can't be redeemed: Ben Carson, Noam Chomsky and the defining hypocrisy of the New Atheist movement

"F*ck Trump": Larry Wilmore's entire staff walks off in protest of the Donald's xenophobia