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Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump looked like a couple in a Cialis commercial: Trevor Noah

Undue process: Poor people lose homes, children and money without a lawyer

"We must counter Israel’s McCarthyism": Meet the Palestinian intellectual Israel fears most

"It is happening again": David Dayen on the epidemic of mortgage fraud and the rigged economy that sets it in motion

Marco Rubio wants to replace confederate statue at U.S. Capitol with Tim Tebow statue

Donald Trump admits to serial sexist and misogynist behavior, but insists "It's not like the worst things!"

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Conspiracy theorist plans to buy plane, crash it into Thai building to reenact 9/11

Megyn Kelly slams "Daily Show" critique of her fawning Trump interview: "So grateful I have men like Trevor Noah to advise on how to deal with gender attacks"

New GOP talking point to "defend" Trump: He's just BS-ing to bamboozle the yahoos of our base

Israel's new defense minister Avigdor Lieberman is a far-right extremist who called for beheading disloyal Palestinian citizens

Fox Business News' Stuart Varney applauds Donald Trump for immediately taking political advantage of EgyptAir Flight 804 crash

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