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George H.W. Bush, Barbara Bush hospitalized in Houston; the 41st president is being treated in the ICU

Obama's troubled legacy on race leaves room for black conservatives to rise under Donald Trump

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Goldman Sachs has seen soaring profits since Donald Trump's election

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The Women's March on Washington is misnamed — we should have called it the People's March instead

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By freeing Chelsea Manning, Obama saved her life. Many other trans prisoners won’t be so lucky

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War on birth control: Health secretary nominee Tom Price could seriously damage contraception access, even under Obamacare

Fascinating poll findings: Only white Americans like Trump

Marijuana could improve multiple sclerosis symptoms

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Sorry, folks — Donald Trump "won" his Twitter feud with John Lewis

FBI joins 5 other intelligence agencies in investigating secret Russian aid to Donald Trump

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Can progressives make changes in the Trump era?

Freeing Chelsea Manning was the right thing to do — why is Obama ignoring the case of Don Siegelman?

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Report: Rick Perry is still learning what it means to be secretary of energy

Trump faces 4 areas of high risk conflict

Donald Trump's claim that he's writing his own speech isn't just BS — it's flimsy, transparent BS

Betsy DeVos once accused her fellow Republicans of racism in opposing school choice

Republicans have discovered the solution to avoiding constituents angry about the Affordable Care Act repeal

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Donald Trump will adopt Heritage Foundation's "skinny budget": Arts, violence against women funding to be cut