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Gorka-pedia: Donald Trump's counter-terrorism adviser may have tried to edit his Wikipedia page

Trump wants to block a court ruling on the Clean Power Plan. The court shouldn’t let him

House Democrats to Trump: We won’t consider tax reform until you release your tax returns

Susan Rice denies allegations she "unmasked" the names of Trump associates for political purposes

WATCH: Bernie Sanders slams Judge Neil Gorsuch for 13 minutes straight

ISIS calls President Trump "an idiot who does not know what Syria or Iraq or Islam is"

WATCH: Equal Pay, but Only Ivanka’s Way

Obamacare gains momentum: More than half of Americans approve of Affordable Care Act, poll finds

Conservative who thinks it’s OK to discriminate against gays not OK with being criticized for wearing T-shirt with gay catchphrase

IFC's "Brockmire" pitches a perfect offensive first season

Make political satire white again? Comedy Central taps Jordan Klepper for post-“Daily Show” slot

"New level of wokeness to understand this": New Pepsi, Kendall Jenner commercial leaves bad taste

An NYC rap icon’s latest hustle: Hip-hop coordinator at the local library

Neil Gorsuch inches toward SCOTUS: Mitch McConnell moves to block Democrats' filibuster

WATCH: Carl Newman of The New Pornographers on his band's strange success: "I didn't trust it for a second"

Department of Homeland Security confirms ICE will be trolling courts to catch undocumented immigrants

No sympathy: How Ayn Rand’s "elitism" lives on in the Trump administration

Doomsday's approaching: The climate could hit a state unseen in 50 million years

Worse than AHCA failure? Trump could be on the verge of his biggest legislative humiliation yet

Hypocrites for Gorsuch: Conservative activist group pushing Trump's nominee used to be for the filibuster

He told us who he was: The L.A. Times discovers Donald Trump's vileness — why was any of it a surprise?

Bernie and the blame game: Accusing the progressive left of thought crimes is no way to rebuild the Democratic Party

"Nepotism is kind of a factor of life": Eric Trump shrugs off his family's takeover of the White House

WATCH: Union workers boo President Trump during speech at infrastructure event

Neil Gorsuch accused of plagiarizing from a 1984 law article in his 2006 book

Another dark chapter: "Gasland" families still fighting company that leaked methane into their water

Jeff Sessions to police: Just be you! Civil rights are overrated anyway

WATCH: Leader of clean-water initiative in Liberia is skeptical about foreign aid

All the presidents' spies: Blackwater founder Erik Prince is the latest Trump cutout to parlay with Putin's men

Robert Reich: Donald Trump's bet on coal is incredibly dumb

WATCH: Trevor Noah thinks Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner is the "real president"

Weak leadership: Donald Trump says "all options are on the table" about North Korea in cliche-filled statement

Trumpcare 2.0 efforts are already in shambles as Republicans point the finger at each other

China's game in North Korea: What does China have to gain by keeping the status quo?

Win for LGBT: Federal appeals court rules civil rights legislation prevents workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation

WATCH: Ivanka Trump says she won't be vocal in activism against her father

Roger Stone accuses Jared Kushner of leaking White House information to Joe Scarborough

National embarrassment: A majority of Americans don't like having Donald Trump as president, and his wall isn't helping him

Steve Bannon gets the boot: Donald Trump removes top adviser from National Security Council

Here's how the U.S. angered South Korea in condemning North Korea's missile test

Boss up, Donald Trump! You wanted the job of president — now do it

Mike Pence takes control of Trumpcare 2.0 — just as things fall apart

Donald Trump: Bill O'Reilly "is a good person" but "thinks" Susan Rice committed a crime

Conservative author: Trump's treatment of Angela Merkel echoes Obama's treatment of Benjamin Netanyahu

Remembering Kendall Jenner's Pepsi ad, which lasted 24 hours longer than it should have

Taser offers free body cameras to every police department in America

Republicans smear Georgia Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff as working for a "mouthpiece for terrorists"

Donald Trump can't stop complaining about inheriting "a mess" in Syria