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The top 10 books on Apple's iBooks

CDC: Ebola could rapidly spread beyond West Africa

Spotify's Top 10 most viral tracks

Donating to charity is not a joke — especially not in the name of slut shaming

If the NFL doesn't want people to think it's homophobic, it should stop being so homophobic

Neocons' ISIS mistake: Don’t use journalists’ murders to justify Syrian intervention

"They are intellectually underpowered and full of themselves, because they’ve been told their whole life how wonderful they are"

The last honest conservative: Meet the brilliant Ronald Reagan appointee making Antonin Scalia's life very difficult

Business Highlights

Michael Sam likely heading to Dallas Cowboys' practice squad

49ers' Harbaugh won't tolerate domestic violence

"All I see is Palestine": How I went to cover a Rihanna concert and caused a political firestorm

"I Am Adam Lanza's Mother" writer Liza Long: I'm not scared of my son anymore

"Jennifer Lawrence's body became the body of all women": How I felt when I looked at those hacked celebrity nudes

10 Things to Know for Wednesday

CVS changes name, stops tobacco sales early

Maduro replaces Venezuela's longtime oil chief

China's top leaders remember victory over Japan

3 fatally shot, 2 wounded at Kansas City homes

AP NewsAlert

10 Things to Know for Today

Robert Reich: College is a ludicrous waste of money

ISIS is America's grotesque Middle Eastern legacy

Education reformers' new craze: A war on summer vacation

“I am not afraid to die”: Why America will never be the same post-Ferguson

California Legislature passes bill to protect temp workers

Wednesday's Time Schedule

Watch Stephen Colbert brilliantly take down police militarization

Must-see morning clip: Jon Stewart slams Washington's sexist culture

Watch Adam Levine channel Michael Jackson while singing the "Sesame Street" theme song

"Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson solves the ISIS situation

Michael Sam's WWE offer proves he's more celebrity than athlete

Stephen Colbert on celebrity nude photo hack: "I mean this -- do not go look at these photos"

Watch a supercut of April insulting Ann on "Parks and Recreation"

Reddit freaks out over McKayla Maroney photos, for all the wrong reasons

Laura Ingraham: Democrats' effort to register black voters is “politics of division”

CVS pharmacies no longer sell tobacco products

GOP's empty agenda: Republicans (briefly) worry they have nothing to offer

Mandy Patinkin wants to run for prime minister of Israel with Stephen Colbert as his advisor

Grain lower, livestock mostly higher

Renisha McBride's killer sentenced to a minimum of 17 years in prison

Uber unrest: Drivers in Los Angeles protest the slashing of rates

Hawks' galling new outrage: How anything less than bombing ISIS right now has become a "gaffe"

College rape survivor will carry her mattress around campus until her rapist is expelled

Ohio attorney general won't release surveillance video of Walmart shooting: "Trust the system"

"I just found it really embarrassing": The despicable antics of a Tea Party hero

Inside the Houdini-Industrial Complex: The surprising, secret influence of the great escape artist

S.E. Cupp on nude photos: Don't own things other people want if you don't want to have them stolen!

Koch brothers' top political strategist: The minimum wage leads to fascism!

21 fish you no longer have to feel guilty about eating

Michael Sam has signed with the Dallas Cowboys

Watch "After Tiller" while it's streaming this month

The 7 strangest libertarian ideas

Rand Paul's flip-flop nightmare: "Non-interventionist" now backs war in the Middle East

Pledge of Allegiance freaks defy SCOTUS: Maniacs force others to recite it in public meetings

Why Ali G should have stayed off TV

Mind-blowing science explained: Neutron stars "are basically atoms as big as mountains"

Before Ferguson: America's disturbing legacy of white supremacy and guns

Federal judge upholds Louisiana's ban on same-sex marriage

Confessions of a recovering Libertarian: How I escaped a world of Ron Paul hero worship

It's time to destroy the trolls: Orange-fanged morons are choking the Internet

The newest triumph of anti-vaxxers: Measles is at a 20-year high

The best sitcoms we wish would come back