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New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade to allow LGBT groups to march for the first time

iPhone fandom is now a marketing ploy

US stock market closes mostly lower

Watch Michelle Obama and Chloe Grace Moretz in "Snackpocalypse"

If Thomas Friedman is the voice of reason on ISIS, then things have gotten out of hand

Industry is ramping up its efforts to defeat GMO labeling

Ron Johnson is right! If we haven't seen things, it's probably because they aren't real!

Spirit Airlines does not see a problem with exploiting Jennifer Lawrence's nude photos for promotional purposes

Watch an intense solar storm erupt on the surface of the sun

Women on the Internet don't know where the vagina is

Mindy Kaling says half-hour sitcoms can't take on abortion--but these shows did

Rick Perry might go away for a long, long time: What even the liberal media isn't reporting about his indictment

"It was a great place to write: No Internet, piss in the snowbank, keep your coffee going on the stove"

The post-VMAs pop cultural comedown: How did we go from "FEMINIST" to the "Fappening"?

George Orwell was not a language fascist: Why we keep misinterpreting his words

Why we'll never stop taking naked photos

AP source: US to investigate Ferguson police

What atheists like Bill Maher have in common with medieval Christian crusaders

Police officer fatally shot in upstate NY

Worst déjà vu ever: Why taxpayers could be bailing out Wall Street again!

Doomsday for religious right: How anti-choice radicals finally lost respectability

US announces crackdown on shady puppy imports

2 charged in boy's slaying to appear in court

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Robert Reich: The destructive myth at the heart of American "public" education

Must-see morning clip: Jon Stewart's response to the celeb photo hack is perfect

Stephen Colbert asks xkcd creator Randall Munroe crazy hypothetical questions, hilarity ensues

Justice Department will launch investigation into Ferguson Police Department

President Frank Underwood will help Stephen Colbert address the threat of ISIS

Eric Wareheim's appearance on the set of "The Tonight Show" was a surprise

Charities are rejecting Reddit donations linked to celebrity nude photo leak

"Memphis" and the beauty of plotless movies

Why is a pastry on a kid's permanent record?

These creepy, real-life medical experiments may have inspired Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein"

Conservative columnist decries “satanic” Ice Bucket Challenge

Perdue one-ups the FDA: The chicken company just took a major step to address antibiotic resistance

Get a clue, McDonald's! Why I'm walking off my fast food job today

Ebola outbreak keeps getting worse: "I'm not confident we will be able to stop it"

Only 2 percent of the population has ever run for political office, and it's mostly white men

The real September issue: When back-to-school photos flood social media

Exclusive audio: United Negro College Fund head mocked critics at Koch retreat

Nicolle Wallace and Rosie Perez to join "The View"

Judge: BP's "gross negligence" responsible for 2010 Gulf Oil Spill

Bad news for Obamacare haters: Long-shot legal challenge suffers setback

Colossal dinosaur discovered: It "would have feared nothing in its landscape"

Mixed martial arts fighter could face life in prison for brutally beating ex-girlfriend Christy Mack

Patriot Act's absurd new spawn: Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse

WHO publishes first global report on topic "shrouded in taboo": Suicide

Liberals unleash "enormous" experiment: How a program starting today could transform public education

Your wedding proposal doesn't need to go viral

"From the beginning, I was in it for real": Ice cream legend's plan to radically up-end America

10 of the most evil medical experiments in history

Groundbreaking comedian Joan Rivers dead at 81

Neocons' insane new strike: House GOPer prepares modest bill ... authorizing perpetual war, everywhere

Bob McDonnell convicted on political corruption charges

Justice Department announces Ferguson police probe

Court declares Wisconsin and Indiana same-sex marriage bans unconstitutional