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GOP Senators: No hearing, no vote for Obama Court pick

Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh might be human garbage, but conservatives are wrong to blame them for the disturbing rise of Trump

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13 monster hits that suck by artists you love: "This is a jam for Guy Fieri-catered deck parties"

"If you want to rule the world, little girls, you gotta know what the guys like": 23 times the women of Fox News were disgustingly anti-feminist

Lena Dunham: Verdict in Kesha case proves the legal system is on the side of the abusers

Don't teach "sensitive topics" or anger students, Houston professors are warned after "campus carry" gun law passed

Just call it the Daniel Holtzclaw effect now: In rape cases, sympathetic reporting about "once-promising young men" need to stop

No, Bernie Sanders isn't doomed: Why Hillary Clinton's Nevada win doesn't mean it's over

Donald Trump will never fire Katrina Pierson: Five of the craziest things the controversial spokeswoman has said on the campaign trail

"The Danish Girl" hypocrisy: If you want a major award for playing a trans woman, better make sure you're up for Best Actor

"You can’t make up the viciousness of Hollywood": Zoe Cassavetes skewers the family industry and how it treats women over 40

The Senate GOP's idiotic SCOTUS obstruction: Why Republicans are shooting themselves in the foot

You think the fastest talkers in America live in New York? Guess again

Sorry, the last thing adoptees need is strangers' cuddles

This is how we spooked Putin: What the New York Times won't tell you about the American adventure in Ukraine

White killers get redemption: Sympathetic coverage of Dylan Klebold's mother's book reveals deep racial biases in the media

Bernie's political funeral may be premature -- and Hillary supporters should be careful what they wish for

Exporting death: Why America excels at arming the planet

Why Vermont is leading the fight to label GMOs

Robert Reich: The establishment is dying

The price of obstruction: Republicans gamble that blocking Obama's SCOTUS nominee won't hurt them too badly

No, Jeb Bush's failed campaign doesn't mean Citizens United doesn't matter

I don't care if no one approves: I'm a leftist feminist and I'm not voting for Clinton, Sanders or anyone in 2016

Reality check for the GOP: These guys probably can't beat Trump

Nevada makes Donald Trump unstoppable: The unthinkable becomes inevitable as he barrels toward GOP nomination

"Let Trump be your nominee": Al Sharpton explains how Hillary or Bernie can win the black vote

This is not a "European crisis," it's a Syrian crisis: A human rights expert on why we're only now paying attention to a decades-old global refugee crisis, and what you can do

Why are we still paying Mitch McConnell's salary?

Scalia truthers are all-American: "The Declaration of Independence is based on a conspiracy theory"

Watch Triumph the Insult Comic Dog attempt to woo Ted Cruz by impersonating gay-hating professional victim Kim Davis

Ted Cruz, professional slimeball: Why Trump & Rubio complain about his "dirty" politics — and why it won't hurt him a bit

Ted Cruz is a weasel: Behind the sneaky tactics too dirty even for Donald Trump and Marco Rubio

"It's all sanctimonious bullsh*t": Trevor Noah unloads on GOP's Supreme Court obstructionism

Donald Trump lets slip the truth: "I love the poorly educated," the GOP front-runner declared after winning Nevada on their backs

Donald Trump spectacularly trolls Glenn Beck, crashes his pro-Ted Cruz Nevada caucus speech live on air

Donald Trump Jr.: "There's something special" about my dad wanting to punch people exercising their First Amendment rights

Eric Holder gets real about heroin and race: It's a crisis because white people are hooked

Bernie Sanders has led Hillary Clinton in this major national poll nearly all month

Terry Crews fights porn addiction: "You cannot accept any pornography in your man's life"

SC town hall: Sanders calls for fighting structural racism; Clinton calls for white people to be "honest"

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Melania Trump insists lack of face-time in her husband's campaign isn't because she's an immigrant

Alphabet invented a very humanlike robot and then abused and bullied it

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